Dr. Kourosh Maddahi Dentistry June 2018


JUNE 2018

From Overseas to Beverly Hills


We began to see more and more overseas patients following my appearances on international broadcast television shows, such as “10 Years Younger,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Oprah,” as well as programs on CNN. After these programs aired outside of the U.S., I started getting calls from people outside the country who were interested in making an appointment. Later on, I even appeared on international shows, including “Extreme Makeover UK,” which brought in more interest. As a U.S.-based dentist — and in order to be able to serve patients from overseas — I know I have to be at the top of my profession. When someone flies in from overseas, they only have a short time to devote to the dental work they need done. Time, as well as money, is of the essence. More importantly, nothing can go wrong after they leave. Once they go home, it may be months, if not longer, before they return for a follow-up visit, if a follow-up visit is deemed necessary. The work can be nothing short of stellar. Over the years, I have incorporated a lot of different technologies and partnered with master technicians who are skilled in handling the needs of the patients we serve. One of the many technologies I adopted early on was the oral laser. For international patients, you want to have the shortest recovery period possible. Following a gum procedure or recontouring, recovery can be between six and eight weeks. With the laser, the recovery is almost instantaneous. There is no waiting. When it comes to dental imaging, we can take a complete “video” of your bite and get a fully realized visual of every detail within your mouth. This allows me to work with the full knowledge of what’s going on in the mouth —which leads to better results.

More important than that, however, was putting all of these details together. I had to make sure every piece was in its place.

This is also why I work closely with a group of specialists who can help patients in all areas of the mouth. I work with endodontists (who specialize in root canals), surgeons, implant specialists, and more — it’s a network of professionals who can take on additional dental work that may need to be done in a short period of time. The end goal is to deliver the best work possible —work that requires minimal adjustment and no follow-up. That way, patients can go back to their everyday lives —wherever they may live —without the worry that something will go wrong with their new smile. Whether they are an international patient or from Beverly Hills, patients should not have to worry about the quality of the work performed. And here, they don’t. While the technology and techniques our practice has adopted have greatly benefited our international clientele, they really benefit everyone who comes into our office. When you make an appointment, you know you are getting access to the best, most advanced care, which allows for extraordinary results.

-Dr. Maddahi

Choosing the right master technicians was also critical. I needed to know the quality of work would not change from case to case. Consistency is key.



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