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IT’S TIME TO BRING THE ‘TRICK’ BACK TO ‘TRICK OR TREAT!’ 5 Halloween Pranks You Have to Try

the nozzle where the water comes out. By pouring red food coloring into the nozzle holes and the main water line, you can turn your loved one’s next bathing session into a fake bloodbath hoax unlike any other. Spooky Drink Not every trick has to be performed on your peers; you can also try pranking your kids. Try placing plastic bugs or eyeballs into ice molds. Once they’re frozen over, offer your kids an iced drink and watch as they take their first few gulps. Their reaction will make a memorable story you can tell for a lifetime. Scarecrow Stakeout You don’t need to have a cornfield to have a scarecrow — you can place one in your front yard. But you know what’s even better than a stuffed impersonator? A real live person waiting to jump out and scare oncoming trick-or-treaters. This prank is best played when there are multiple scarecrows out in the yard. This makes your candy-seeking visitors less likely to suspect one of the scarecrows is real. Once they start walking past you, wait till they are just within your peripheral vision, and then jump out and give them the scare of their lives. Creepy Crawlers If you’re one of the many Florida homes with a screen door, then this prank is for you. By attaching a plastic spider to a piece of string or fishing line, you can jerry-rig the opening of your screen door to drop down an eight-legged freak on your trick-or-treaters. Every ring of the doorbell will be better than must-see TV. These are just some of the fun pranks you can play this Halloween. Research your own, and maybe, with enough people having a little fun, we can bring the “trick” back to “trick or treat!”

The origin of “trick or treat” can be traced back several centuries. Pranksters would attempt to extract goods or candy from neighbors and members of the community, and in exchange for the “treats,” the suppliers would avoid being “tricked.” But in the last 50 years, the connotations of the phrase have changed, becoming focused more on good- natured fun. As this progression took place, “trick or treat” slowly lost its meaning. While baby boomers and earlier generations may fondly remember the “trick” portion of this holiday phrase, the “treat” portion has now taken over. If you ask anyone what the holiday is about today, you’ll likely hear a conversation about dressing up and asking for candy. Kids will map out their routes weeks ahead of time to maximize their candy collections. This shows that the “treat” aspect is very much alive, but few people now mention the “trick.” Pranks are not all dead, however. A few chosen keepers of the “trick” are keeping the tradition of Halloween escapades alive and are doing so in unique ways. Here are five of the best Halloween pranks you and your family can try this season. Caramel ‘Apple’ Everyone loves a good caramel apple. The crunch of the fruit, the sweetness of the candy, and the overwhelming feeling of fall are deeply associated with the fun of Halloween. But what if that fun treat took a surprise turn? Rather than covering a delicious Granny Smith apple in caramel, try using an onion. Top it off with all the fixings, and when your guests sink their teeth into it, make sure to have a camera ready. Rain Blood There’s nothing quite like a relaxing shower after a long day — that is, unless that shower suddenly becomes a scene from a horror movie. One prank you can play at home on your family members is to detach your shower head and uncover


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