Next Level Sports PT: Sciatica and Back Pain

A 30 Second Self-Test For Sciatica

• Do you have back pain or leg pain while standing or walking? • Do you have a shooting pain in your leg when you stand up? • Do you need to sit down for a minute for the pain to go away?

30 SECOND SELF-TEST FOR SCIATICA 1. Sitting on a chair, look down. 2. Straighten one leg, with toes in the air. 3. Repeat for the other side.

What it means: If the leg with pain, numbness or tingling does not go up as high as the other leg, you likely have Sciatica. Your next step is to see what is causing the pressure on your sciatic nerve. Call us to schedule an appointment...Next Level Sports can help you relieve your Sciatica pain.

Exercise of the Month Try this movement if you are experiencing back pain.

Strength & Conditioning Coaching

Loosens Back

SINGLE KNEE TO CHEST STRETCH Lie on your back and bring one knee to your chest, keeping the other foot flat on the floor. Keep your lower back pressed to the floor. Hold for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 4 times with each leg.

TheprofessionalsatNextLevelworkwithclients individually todevelopstrength and conditioning. Whether or not you first arrive here due to an injury, what you’ll find is a professional partner who will help you get to–and stay in–peak condition. Our approach is radically different from other clinics that focus only on rehabilitation. We bring our expertise to the world of biomechanics and fitness to help our athletes become well-rounded and healthy individuals through a whole body approach. You won’t find any other clinic more committed to keeping athletes in top condition.


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