Choice PT: How Posture Affects Back and Neck Pain

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ERIN NAPOLEONE, PT, DPT Getting To Know The Choice Physical Therapy Team!

In the past we have worked with several groups similar to those listed above and have educated attendees on back and neck pain, injury prevention, gait and balance, fall prevention, injury in the workplace, ergonomics, headaches and neck pain, shoulder and upper extremity pain, foot and ankle pain, core/pelvis instability...and the options are essentially limitless! Personally, I’d love to meet new groups of people and set up a workshop or informational seminar led by our Doctor’s of Physical Therapy, and.. WE COME TO YOU :) On the flip side, every other month we choose a local charity/not for profit organization to raise awareness and funds for! We listen to what’s important to our community and if there’s a way we can help even the slightest, it turns into our focus for that month! Please use that same email above to reach out if you know someone or some cause who could benefit from the exceptional generosity of our CPT family who time after time shows up for our #Choose2GiveBack campaigns. Looking forward to hearing from you all in the new year!

Proud to Announce... Erin has joined us full time!! With an overwhelming passion for community outreach, developing partnerships with like-minded local businesses, planning team building events, and general organizational concepts, Erin has her hands full and is LOVING every second of it! ... (I can promise you, I’m the one writing this right now ;) ) It is my initiative for 2019 to continue to expand into the community and give back to thosewho have been soo generous in supporting us over the years, and I need your help in doing so! If you are a member of a local organization ie. running club, church group, “mom squad”, gym, book club, HS sports team, exercise group, senior citizen group, etc. and have an interest in learning more about a specific topic, diagnosis, or have similar “pain points” please email me directly at .

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