Tips: How to protect yourself from COVID-19 technology scams


Scam 2 You browse the Internet while on your company’s network and visit a non-recognized website supposedly containing COVID-19 information. You click on a link to this information, which then causes your company network to be infected with a ransomware virus— ultimately making your company’s network and data inaccessible. The virus also causes your company network and systems to crash. Now, no one at your company is able to access their computer and systems and you are faced with ransom demands.

Tip Be careful when surfing the Internet and ensure that websites are legitimate and trusted sources. Pay attention to the domain name. Scammers may mimic known companies with small changes to the company’s official name (i.e., Ontari00. com) to trick you. So double check the website address bar to ensure accuracy first before visiting a website. Also, before you enter any private information, ensure the website address is secure and uses encryption. You can do this by checking that the URL starts with “https” (and ends with “s”) versus unsecured websites, which start with “http” (which is unsecure). Never enter personal information on websites that are unsecured. Some browsers

such as Google, Mozilla or Internet Explorer, may warn you of suspicious or unsecured websites. Look for grammar or spelling errors, which could be clues that a website was created quickly and is fraudulent. Legitimate companies have professional websites with grammatically sound content. To mitigate potential attacks to your computer network, also ensure you have intrusion detection, anti-virus and anti- theft software in place and practice regular backup protocols. Only use a secure Wi-Fi with security protection software in place. Don’t use open or publicly accessible Wi-Fi when working on your laptop or any other technology device.

3 • How to protect yourself from COVID-19 technology scams

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