well over 15 billion records of data for a 10-year period. Hosting and managing all of that data requires considerable resources for storing, and maintaining -- not to mention performing statistical calculation across the data sets. Given a challenge such as air quality and valuation, with only two data sets, it is clear to see that the logistics of assembling and storing large volumes of data can become unwieldy. To prevent drowning in the tidal wave of data, ATTOM is building a cloud- based data infrastructure that will alleviate the burden of loading, managing and efficiently processing large data sets. ATTOM will take care of the hard parts, allowing our customers to focus on their use cases and understanding how the results of their analysis affect their business. Removing barriers to using data -- this is the key goal in our Data as a Service (DaaS) initiative. Providing a workspace for data discovery and not just delivering data in monolithic flat files that need to

• Too complicated to platform and maintain without additional expertise • Short-term use of data doesn’t justify investment in the labor required to get started • Cost prohibitive to platform and or process Large-scale use cases play well in the DaaS, but small use cases or short-term projects are also easily supported. It has never been easier to get started quickly with a data set that is just the right size for your business. ATTOM Data believes that the DaaS cloud platform is more than a format change such as VHS to DVD. Rather, it is a paradigm change akin to flat files representing Blockbuster Video rentals and ATTOM DaaS as an on-demand video service experienced on a smart TV. Looking to the future and innovating better solutions is the best way to be relevant when the future arrives at your doorstep.

be loaded and managed before doing any useful work. The steps a customer has to perform to start using an ATTOM DaaS solution are pretty simple: On top of upfront costs, storing and managing large quantities of information requires an ongoing investment of time and resources. When you use DaaS, all of the techy “nuts and bolts” are, in theory, out of sight and out of mind, leaving you free to concentrate on business issues.— Bernard Marr, author of Big Data and Big Data in Practice ( https://www.forbes. com/sites/bernardmarr/2015/04/27/big-data- as-a-service-is-next-big-thing/2/#25818ff470fc) ATTOM DaaS becomes an extension of the ATTOM Data Warehouse, seamlessly provisioned and updated. Additional data sets can be integrated with unsurpassed ease, efficiency and sustainability. DaaS effectively eliminates the following challenges in undertaking a data project:

• Too much data to compile at one time in one place


Prior to designing the foundational architecture of the ATTOM Data Warehouse, Richard spent over 20 years of developing enterprise data products encompassing data capture, transaction processing and analytic solutions for numerous Fortune 500 companies including Weyerhaeuser and Fluor Corporation. Richard has been with ATTOM Data for 12 years leading all aspects of data development and production and has fostered strategic partnerships with Microsoft to engineer the next generation of data platforms for ATTOM’s customers.



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