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I love Thanksgiving. Ever since I can remember, Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. The endless food, desserts, and healthy servings of football certainly make a strong holiday; but the past few years, I’ve learned to love Thanksgiving for a greater reason. For me, Thanksgiving provides a time to gather with family and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. In my house, it’s also the quiet before the storm of activities that always comes with Christmas. It’s a chance to just be together without having to be so busy. Recently in the office, a patient remarked to me before his implant procedure that he was thankful to live in a time of medicine that allowed for the replacement of a tooth. Even after thousands of procedures, hundreds and hundreds of prescriptions for antibiotics, and countless postoperative visits, I have never stopped to think about medicine allowing us to heal, and the miraculous design of the human body. It’s so easy to take for granted. In an age of constant Wi-Fi coverage, one-hour grocery delivery, heated car seats, and a pill for most ailments, it’s easy to take the smallest (and sometimes largest) things for granted. During these times, we try to reflect on all we are thankful for as a family, for time together, for health, for

freedom, and for the promise of daily bread. On a reflective note, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I am thankful for you! Almost seven years ago, Margaret and I picked up and moved eight hours back to Georgia, with a then 2-year- old in tow and one more on the way. We didn’t have a practice or a single patient; instead,

Happy Thanksgiving FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS!

we had a newly signed lease, a construction contract, and a vision for the kind of dental office we’d want to go to and devote our working life to. The support, friendship, and trust from each of you turned that vision into a mission we get to live out each day.

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving full of food, family, fun, and thanks!

–Dr. Jones

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For thousands of years, sunny yellow turmeric has been a staple in curries as well as a spice renowned for its ability to treat a vast number of ailments. In recent years, this South Asian native has become a sort of “spice-of-all-trades.” Turmeric’s popularity has surged throughout North America. People are adding it to food and using it to treat everything from arthritis to heartburn. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the spice can treat just about every kind of inflammation, whether it’s joint pain or a headache. Have a stomachache or nausea? Try turmeric. Have a mild rash or burn on your skin? Try turmeric. Current studies are even looking into turmeric’s effectiveness as a treatment for diabetes and dementia. When one substance is purported to have near-magical healing powers, you have to remember to take it with an additional dose of skepticism. Can one spice really cure everything that ails you? Let’s ask science. Researchers have identified over 20 distinct compounds that work similar to NSAIDs (such as aspirin and ibuprofen). Of those compounds, six are COX-2 inhibitors. COX-2 is an enzyme that causes inflammation and pain in the body.

In short, these six compounds help block the enzymatic reaction that triggers inflammation. One of these compounds is called curcumin, which is often considered the active ingredient in turmeric. An article published in the medical journal Nutrition and Cancer found that, by weight, pure turmeric powder contains 3.14 percent curcumin. However, clinical trials of curcumin have produced less- than-stellar results. A comprehensive review of 120 studies of curcumin, published in 2017 in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, found no evidence that the compound produced positive results as an anti-inflammatory or antioxidant. In fact, researchers found curcumin to be an, “unstable, reactive, non- bioavailable compound.”

So what does this mean for people who use turmeric for its medicinal properties?

If it works for you, continue to use it. If you’ve thought about adding it to your diet, give it a try. It’s safe to use, and studies have shown virtually no toxicity, even in high doses.


“I had not been to the dentist probably for 8 years prior to coming to Jones Smiles. I am the patient who was crying in the car and did not want to walk through these doors whatsoever. But once I came in here, the staff was so warm and friendly and Dr. Jones was very sincere ... and he does wonderful sedation, which can get you through anything, any procedure you have. “Now, after all these implants, I have no problems coming here — It’s like going shopping, almost. They welcome you when they come in, they cater to your needs. I was the patient who said, ‘Do not make me sit in that chair and wait.’ Even though they give you a little medication in the morning to relax you, I said, ‘Please don’t make me sit in that chair, and get me back there as soon as possible because the tears will be coming,’ and they did exactly what I asked for. And the best part is, you go to sleep and you wake up and it’s all over. I’m turning 40, getting close to 40, and you know, 40 wants to be 20 again.

“So, I felt that it was time, and to be honest, I was living in a lot of pain and it was important for me to have a beautiful smile again. I have a lot more confidence in myself. I would tell people who are sitting in the chair or afraid to even come to the dentist that this is 100 percent the place to be. Dr. Jones will take care of you. His staff will make every possible effort to make it easy for you, and you need to get it done because it’s worth it.”


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Do you know when most dental emergencies happen? I’ll give you a hint: “Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus.” That’s right — holiday season. Why is this? Well, the abundance of hard candy and popcorn between October and January wreak havoc on your teeth. Often, when a broken tooth reaches emergency status, it’s actually already been cracked. At that point, all it takes is a piece of hard food for it to reach its breaking point. Fortunately, there are simple ways to improve your tooth health and prevent cracks during the holiday season. First, stop overindulging in sugary foods! Sugar breaks down your enamel, so the more you eat, the weaker your teeth become. Plaque builds up in your mouth whenever you consume food. The bacteria that make up plaque love sugar, and when they consume it, they produce a certain type of acid. This acid wears away healthy tooth enamel and eventually breaks down teeth. Even worse, if you already have a crack (even one you can’t see or feel), sticky, sugary foods will only further irritate the area. And though it might seem like a healthy alternative, dried fruit is on this list of culprits — its dense sugars easily stick to your teeth.

To combat this, make small changes to lower your sugar intake. Replace your daily soda with a cup of tea or sparkling water. Another beneficial change is switching from dried fruits to fresh ones. Sugar aside, you may have another addiction that harms your teeth. Are you a serial fingernail biter or ice chewer? Both habits can lead to cracked and broken teeth. If you aren’t looking to drop a vacation’s worth of dough on your dental visits, consider quitting — and quick. The Academy of General Dentistry estimates habitual nail biters will spend up to $4,000 more in dental bills over their lifetime. Finding a replacement routine for detrimental chewing habits is key to kicking the habit for good. Keep a pack of baby carrots to crunch instead of gnawing on your fingernails. You can also place a rubber band around your wrist and snap it when you’re tempted to nibble a nail. Each painful snap can serve as a reminder to stop your destructive habit. Talk with your dentist about other ways to strengthen your teeth and prevent breakage. After all, you want to spend your holidays in the easy chair, not the dentist’s! BRUSSELS SPROUTS WITH SAUSAGE SMILE-FRIENDLY RECIPES


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Looking for an easy, delicious Thanksgiving side dish? This gem requires only a few ingredients.


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• 1½ pounds Brussels sprouts • ½ cup water • Salt and pepper

• 2 tablespoons olive oil • 3 1/3 ounces fresh, hot Italian sausage


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1. Trim sprouts and cut in half. 2. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add sausage and cook, stirring occasionally, 3–5 minutes. 3. Add sprouts to skillet. Add ½ cup water. Add salt and pepper. Cover and cook 10 minutes or until just tender. Check them periodically and add a bit more water, if necessary. 4. When sprouts are just about done, remove cover and raise heat to medium-high. Cook, stirring just once or twice, for a couple more minutes. The liquid should evaporate, and the sprouts should start to brown. 5. Add more salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot or warm.


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This Thanksgiving, many Americans plan to go over the river and through the woods to sleep on the air mattress at grandmother’s house. But your family Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be crowded and uncomfortable. For generations, The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, has brought families together for a weekend of true American elegance. The local hot springs have been popular with travelers since 1778, but The Greenbrier didn’t come to life until 1913. The sprawling 710-room national landmark sits on 11,000 acres of rolling hills and has been described as “‘Monte Carlo’ meets ‘Gone With the Wind.’” The blend of Colonial decor and Hollywood Regency flourishes make guests feel as if they have stepped back in time, while still offering all the modern amenities. Mom and Grandma relax in the spa, Grandpa enjoys a round of golf, the siblings all go off-roading in a Jeep, and later, the whole family faces off in a game of laser

tag. With 55 leisure activities offered at the resort, make every day as busy or as relaxing as you want before enjoying a gourmet dinner at one of the resort’s six full-time restaurants.

The Greenbrier is a dream getaway anytime of the year, but America’s resort really goes all-out for the traditional American holiday, Thanksgiving. Family members from every generation can find something fun to do before the family gathers together for the massive Thanksgiving brunch in The Greenbrier’s Colonial Hall. The award-winning culinary brigade serves up Thanksgiving classics, like soft rolls and roasted turkey, alongside marinated mussels and ricotta tortellini. Make time for the horse-drawn carriage ride and evening gala, and you have the perfect Thanksgiving.

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