100 Park TB

100 ParkAvenue


was conceived as Park Avenue’s first modern glass and steel tower, ushering in an era of skyscrapers that transformed the Avenue into the world’s most desirable corporate location. Through a recently completed $72 million redevelopment, 100 Park Avenue now features a new curtain wall, new windows, a stunning new 2-story lobby, new elevator cabs and significant infrastructure upgrades such as a new cooling plant, increased electric capacity and a state- of-the-art security system. Now LEED GOLD certified, 100 Park Avenue is also the first building of its type in New York to install green roofs, which employ a low-maintenance/water consumption Xeroflor mat system. The property was awarded “International Building of the Year” by the Building Ownersand Managers Association (BOMA), the BOMA Pinnacle Award for Renovated Office Building, and the Middle Atlantic regional award in the same category. 100 Park Avenue offers classic corporate convenience, just steps to Grand Central Terminal, and all new modern headquarters space. 100 ParkAvenue

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