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JUNE 2017

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GO GREEN! Celebrate World Environment Day By Making Small Changes in Your Home


Dear Body Moksha Physical Therapy family,

I’m very happy and excited to introduce our monthly newsletter! My hope is that you come to look forward to receiving this

publication. You can enjoy it with your morning coffee or as a fun and easy read before bedtime. You will find valuable information regarding health, wellness, family, the outdoors, and much more. You will also find some fun new recipes to try ... feel free to bring me a taste. :-) Speaking of tasty recipes, I’m super excited about starting my own vegetable garden this year. I’ve planted tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, okra, strawberries, mint, basil, and even an icebox watermelon! Planting my own garden has not only given me the opportunity to be active and spend more time outdoors, but it has also gotten my kids more interested in healthy eating. Call me optimistic, but my hope is that this vegetable garden provides a valuable life lesson to my kids on self-sufficiency, making it a gratifying and humbling experience.

This June, World Environment Day and World Oceans Day will remind us to celebrate and appreciate Mother Earth. All month long people around the world are more conscious of behaviors that may negatively impact their planet. We are reminded to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but after these holidays pass, we often revert to our old habits. When we don’t recycle, we rely on raw materials to fuel our consumer-driven society, and rainforests are a prime source of these raw materials. Unfortunately, deforestation results in the loss of natural habitats and reduces the amount of atmospheric oxygen and moisture. The destruction of rainforests leads to a global lack of rain and more carbon dioxide in our air. Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is the main pollutant warming Earth. Though living things emit carbon dioxide when they breathe, carbon dioxide is widely considered to be a pollutant when the amount of carbon dioxide in the air affects our atmosphere. In the last 150 years, the burning of fossil fuels has pumped an alarming amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In 2010, Americans produced about 250 million tons of garbage, mostly consisting of product packaging, clothing, bottles, food scraps, and newspapers. That’s about 4.3 pounds of waste per person per day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Sadly, 54 percent is gathered in landfills, and only about 34 percent is recycled —which is double the amount recycled in 1980, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress on all fronts. :-)

In health,

Most experts agree that a variety of measures need to be taken to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and curb climate change. On a personal level, driving and

- Dr. Tejal Ramaiya

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