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More Than ‘Okay’ Remembering a Wonderful Wedding

As I write this, Valentine’s Day has passed and love is in the air. I’m sure many of our readers were scrambling to get cards and chocolates for their special someone, and I was right there with them. When you’re hustling to get gifts, it’s easy to lose sight of the real importance of Valentine’s Day: celebrating love. Nicole and I will be having our 18th wedding anniversary this year, so I’d like to spend a little time looking back on that special day. If you remember our newsletter from last year, you’ll recall that Nicole and I met in art class all the way back in junior high. Long story short, we quickly went from friends to lovers, dating all through college. Then, on June 23, 2001, she made me the happiest man on earth by marrying me. We got married in Mesa, Arizona, at the church my wife had grown up attending. The church itself was far too big for the actual ceremony (being designed for a congregation of roughly 2,000). We had a decent sized guest list, but nothing THAT big. Thankfully there was a small chapel off the main building that was perfect for a classic, picturesque wedding. And just like any classic wedding, we had our fair share of characters. During our rehearsal, the pastor spoke to my best man almost as if he was a drill sergeant. “You’re the one who saves the day!” I remember him saying. “Anything tips over, anything goes wrong, YOU DIVE FOR IT! NOT THE GROOM!”We all had a good laugh at this before heading to our rehearsal dinner at this great Mexican food restaurant. There were a lot of us at the rehearsal dinner, and the baskets of chips and salsa just kept coming. At one point, the paper lining of one of these baskets got placed a bit too close to a candle, and it caught fire. Without missing

a beat, my best man stood up and threw his glass of water at the flaming bowl, dousing it in one smooth motion. “I DOVE FOR IT!” he shouted, and our whole party exploded with cheers and laughter. Thankfully, our actual ceremony was a little less eventful. I remember nervously pacing the small side room I was meant to wait in until things got started. The pastor entered and asked me if I was ready. Bracing myself to receive his words of advice, or perhaps a prayer, I took a deep breath and said yes. “Okay,” the holy man said unceremoniously before throwing the door open and whisking me to the altar. I have to admit, I was a little shocked at first — after all, I was about to take the leap of a lifetime. Surely that deserves more than just an“Okay”? Then Nicole came down the aisle.

Seeing the woman I’d spent most of my adult life with in that wedding dress took my breath away. Suddenly the pastor’s behavior made more sense. What could you possibly say before such a moment? Eighteen years and four kids later, I can say that I still haven’t found the words to capture the magic of that moment and all the joy it’s brought with it.

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