The Newsletter Pro - November 2019


you can save a couple hundred dollars in printing and postage costs is crazy, as this is one of the best content and relationship marketing strategies you can implement. Of course, if it’s done right, you’ll convert a ton of those prospects into customers, which will more than cover the cost of the whole newsletter for most businesses. Now, if you need to know this so you feel better about buying a newsletter but you didn’t read (or maybe didn’t even buy) my book, I now need to tell you in a video message or email. Maybe we need to mention it in our newsletter and over the phone. I have to tell you the same info as many times as necessary for it to sink in. Most people only retain about 10% of what they read anyway, so it makes sense that we entrepreneurs need to get creative in delivering our key points. Very few people do this. Most entrepreneurs tell prospects and customers something once and believe they will remember it forever. Massive mistake! I can understand if thinking about list management and dripping content is a boring thing … selling items is way more exciting, but let’s be real: Business is won and lost based on your ability to master the “boring things.” We have customers who’ve seen over $1 million in extra revenue simply by segmenting their data and tailoring different offers based on who is getting the content. By focusing on the boring stuff in business, you’re building a strong foundation for your company. That foundation is what will help you scale and maybe even sell for maximum dollars one day. That foundation is what will help you sleep better at night, even when things aren’t going well in the world around you. That foundation will actually give you the experience and confidence you need to tackle new challenges or opportunities that come your way. Don’t get fooled by shiny objects. Instead, focus on what has worked forever for millions of small and large businesses. Do that and you’ll see success beyond what you’ve dreamed of. P.S. Need help with relationship building and content marketing? Schedule a call with a Pro at On the call, we will work with you to identify your needs. –Shaun


I see this issue as pretty black and white … If someone opts in to get my book or other info and they don’t call me almost right away to buy, I have to assume they didn’t retain all the information or just didn’t read it. If I make that assumption, then it means I have to deliver the info in several different ways.

decision. Can you imagine how much this one issue is costing us small-business owners?

Providing those answers is your job as an entrepreneur. Making sure people can easily access and consume that information is also your job. I know many people will read this and think, “But Shaun, I sent them all my info!” That’s great, but I have a question: Are you sure they consumed it? If a prospect needs to know 10 things to buy from you and you send them a book with the answer to all 10 things but they don’t finish the book, what are the odds they will buy from you?

Let me share an example.

In my book on newsletter marketing (which you can pick up at ), I talk about how you must have your prospects on your newsletter mailing list. Not doing it just so




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