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In The Port Sequence Valve

In The Port Sequence Valves NEW!

 Installs directly into device port, requires oil feed through manifold mount ports.  Works with Top Flange, Bottom Flange Swing Clamps, Link Clamps and New High Capacity Work Supports.  Controls timing of individual devices on your fixture.  Each valve can be individually adjusted from the factory preset.  True sequencing design allows full system pressure downstream of valve after opening. n Maintains pressure upstream while device actuates. n Three pressure ranges available with adjustability within each range.*  Can be added after the fixture is built to assure proper sequencing (Requires the use of flange manifold feed ports).  Use with single or double acting clamps; in clamp port, unclamp port, or both.  Internal reverse free flow check valve allows for faster return.  Accessories available; Pressure pre-set block, in-line adapter block and manifold mount block.



5/32 HEX







ILS702005 REV D

U.S. Patent No. 11,097,389

NOTE: Max flow not to exceed the individual device rating or 1.0 gpm whichever is lower. Maximum inlet pressure for in-port sequence valves is 5,000 PSI, excess voids warranty. Consult the double acting work support, high capacity work support, the swing clamp or link clamp specifications page for the valve that is appropriate for your application.

Model No.

Factory Preset Pressure (psi)

Set Pressure Range

Port Size X Depth A B SAE 4 X 0.58 1.07 .77

70-4437-10 70-4437-11 70-4437-12 70-4437-20 70-4437-21 70-4437-22



1,500 3,000

500-2,500 SAE 4 X 0.58 1.07 .77 2,000-4,000 SAE 4 X 0.58 1.22 .92



SAE 4 X 0.75 1.07 .77

1,500 3,000

500-2,500 SAE 4 X 0.75 1.07 .77

2,000-4,000 SAE 4 X 0.75 1.22 .92 *Number of sequences within each range depends on number of devices, pump flow and operating pressure.


Benefits of In The Port Sequencing and design time:

 Fewer deep drilled circuit passages in your fixture, saving cost.  Individual tuning of device timing, saving frustration.  Can be added after design and build to most flange mount manifold swing clamps and link clamps, saving the day.


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