Vektek Low Pressure 7MPa Catalog

7 MPa Planning

Fixture Building Tips

General Tips ■ When Manifold mounting VektorFlo ® components, the mating surface must be flat within 0.08 mm, with a maximum surface roughness of 1.6 µm R a for proper sealing (unless otherwise noted in the catalog). ■ Unless otherwise noted in our catalog, VektorFlo ® 7 MPa devices require a minimum pressure of 1.0 MPa (10 bar) ■ Maximum system flow rate is 5.7 l/m for all VektorFlo ® special function valves, unless noted otherwise. Excess flow voids warranty. ■ De-burring of pockets or cavities is extremely important to avoid leaks from damaged seals. ■ Fluid filtration to catch chips will prevent leaks and extend the life of your components. ■ Preventive maintenance is essential to keep hydraulic systems and components running at peak performance through millions of cycles. Be sure to flush your entire system at least once a year

Work Support Tips ■ Install with a six point socket only. Other types of wrenches may damage the work support. Swing Clamp Tips ■ Never allow swing clamp arm to contact the work piece during arm rotation. ■ Swing Restrictors are available in 30, 45

Speed Control ■ Flow controls are often required to make swing clamps and work supports function at appropriate speeds. Swing clamps may be damaged by swinging large mass arms at a greater distance from the clamp centerline than recommended on the catalog pages. Work supports may advance with speed faster than expected, bounce off of the intended part surface and become locked before the spring can mechanically re-extend them. ■ In cases where speed control is necessary, all workholding devices should be flow controlled with “meter-in” devices like our in-line or In The Port flow controls with free-flow returns. Needle valves or “meter-out” flow controls as are often used in pneumatics should not be used to prevent a pressure intensification which may occur on “meter-out” hydraulic applications. Website ■  Visit for extensive fixture building tips. ■ Check our Tech Tips and Maintenance Videos for convenient on-line help.


and 60 degree angles, Order from your Vektek Sales Representative or Order Entry Specialist. Other swing restricting angles are available upon request as a special.

Arms/Levers ■ When installing a swing clamp arm, restrict the arm to prevent rotational torque to the plunger and potential internal cam damage. You may then tighten the locking features to specification without damage to your clamp. Plumbing Tips ■  Use of standard rubber hoses and end fittings can hamper the action of many devices due to excessive end fitting restrictions. If you choose to purchase hoses locally, choose diameters and end fittings that are not causing excessive restrictions.

and more frequently in high contamination environments.

■ To extend the life of your hydraulic components:

* Hydraulic fluid should be changed and the reservoir cleaned out annually * If you operate a full production schedule (one shift daily): change fluid twice annually * Two shifts daily: change fluid three times annually * Three shifts: four times annually * In very dirty conditions (foundries): change hydraulic fluid monthly * Devices and seals are rated to operate from 4 - 71° C.


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