Vektek Low Pressure 7MPa Catalog

7 MPa Work Supports

Fluid Advance Top Flange Work Support

Retracted Plunger Applications  Available in four capacities: 5.5 kN, 10 kN, 16 kN and 26kN.  Normally retracted plungers do not interfere with part loading. Advance them with hydraulic pressure, exerting only spring force when contacting your part. Hydraulic pressure then automatically sequences, “freezing” the plunger properly against the part. n Plunger contact spring available in both light and heavy forces. n Minimal friction wiper design keeps chips and debris out while providing smooth plunger action.  Bearing grade stainless steel clamping mechanism provides long trouble free life and protects against corrosion in most machining environments. n Top flange work supports allow the designer to minimize distance from mounting surface to part providing compact and efficient fixture designs. n In The Port flow control valves can be used to control the plunger advance rate on supports using manifold mount hydraulics. n Optional In The Port flow control is a meter-in device with reverse free flow check valve. n Optional In The Port sequence valve is a sequencing device with reverse free flow check valve. Bearing grade stainless steel plunger and collet assembly helps guard against corrosion in most machining environments.



L1-0215-00-L L1-0215-00-H

L1-0216-00-L L1-0216-00-H

L1-0220-00-L L1-0220-00-H

L1-0222-00-L L1-0222-00-H

Model No.

Support Capacity* (kN) Support Capacity Formula **(kN)





(P-1) x 0.917 (P-1) x 1.667 (P-1) x 2.667 (P-1) x 4.333

Stroke*** (mm)





Contact Force - L (N) Contact Force - H (N)

9.2 -13.7 9.2 -14.4 9.9 - 16.6 9.8 - 17.2

12.8 - 20.7 13.1 - 22.2 14.5 - 24.2 15.1 - 26.3

Oil Capacity (cm 3 )





Port X Depth for Optional In The Port Valves****

G 1/8 X 15.16 Fluid Advance Work Support, hydraulic pressure pushes a spring which lifts plunger; hydraulic pressure locks in place.


WARNING: Operating above 7 MPa may damage the work support and will void warranty. * Support capacities are listed at 7 MPa (70 bar) maximum pressure. Support capacities for other pressures are shown on the Capacity Charts at the start of Section B. Operating work supports above maximum pressure may damage work support and void warranty. ** "P" in the formula is hydraulic pressure measured in MPa. *** To allow for work piece height variations, it is recommended that the plunger contacts the part at Mid-Stroke.

**** Set plunger lifting time to 0.5 seconds, or longer, by adjusting the flow control valve. Use a flow control valve with cracking pressure of 0.1 MPa or less. In The Port valves require the use of manifold mount ports. NOTE: Work Support Capacity to be equal to or greater than 1.5 times clamping force plus machining force.

NOTE: The maximum system back-pressure a fluid advance work support can overcome is 0.07 MPa (0.7 bar). Return back-pressure greater than 0.07 MPa (0.7 bar) may cause slow or failed retraction.

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