Vektek Low Pressure 7MPa Catalog

7 MPa Work Supports

Spring Advance Cartridge Work Support

Support Most Parts n Available in four capacities: 3.0 kN, 4.0 kN, 5.5 kN and 10 kN. n When using the 3-2-1 locating principles, you often need additional support for a 4th, 5th or even more areas on your part. A work support will give you “floating” locators that won’t interfere with your 3, 2 or 1 location. Clamp over your locators then lock the supports. n Spring extended plungers maintain contact with the part during loading, exerting only spring force against the part. When hydraulic pressure is applied the plunger freezes without exerting any additional force on the part. n If spring advance supports are used in flood coolant environments, vent to clean dry air. n Choose between a High-Tension or Low-Tension spring to fit your application. n Cartridge style work supports provide designers with additional mounting options. These supports can be thread mounted into a fixture or custom cavity mounted.


Bearing grade stainless steel plunger and collet assembly helps guard against corrosion in most machining environments.


L1-0310-00-L L1-0310-00-H

L1-0312-00-L L1-0312-00-H

L1-0315-00-L L1-0315-00-H

L1-0316-00-L L1-0316-00-H

Model No.

Support Capacity* (kN) Support Capacity Formula** (kN)





(P-1) x 0.500 (P-1) x 0.667 (P-1) x 0.917 (P-1) x 1.667





Stroke*** (mm)

Contact Force - L (N) Contact Force - H (N)

3.7 - 6.1

4.3 - 7.4 9.2 - 13.7 9.3 - 14.7

6.2 - 9.0 8.8 - 14.9 12.8 - 20.7 12.7 - 22.8

Oil Capacity (cm 3 )





Spring Advance Work Supports; spring lifts plunger, part weight depresses plunger, hydraulic pressure locks in place. WARNING: Operating above 7 MPa may damage the work support and will void warranty. * Support capacities are listed at 7 MPa (70 bar) maximum pressure. Support capacities for other pressures are shown on the Capacity Charts at the start of Section B. Operating work supports above maximum pressure may damage work support and void warranty. ** "P" in the formula is hydraulic pressure measured in MPa. *** To allow for work piece height variations, it is recommended that the plunger contacts the part at Mid-Stroke.

NOTE: Work Support Capacity to be equal to or greater than 1.5 times clamping force plus machining force.

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