Vektek Low Pressure 7MPa Catalog

Why use VektorFlo ® 7 MPa Workholding?

Most expensive CNC metalworking machines are purchased without fixtures to hold the work piece(s). With today’s sophisticated machines making tool changes in fractions of a second with accuracies we once thought nearly impossible, the quality of part clamping is the next most important opportunity for time savings and productivity improvement. VektorFlo ® power clamps provide the “helping hands” to present more parts to the machine spindle with less effort, more consistency, and greater productivity at a cost only modestly more than manual fixtures. Use VektorFlo ® because it can increase your productivity. Many of your machines are purchased without integrated hydraulic power supplies. You have a choice of pressure less than 7 MPa or more than 7 MPa, a choice generally made based on clamping device size. Machines may be purchased with a power supply to deliver either up to 7 MPa or above 7 MPa. This option, if purchased with the machine influences the pressure range of your choice in hydraulic clamping devices. Other influencing factors are the need for “live”, always connected, “disconnected” hydraulics or “palletized” fixtures. Vektek’s 7 MPa products are tested to over 1,000,000 cycles at full operational pressure before they are included in our product line assuring you the long product life you need to keep your production lines operating. The selection of any single brand of hydraulic clamp, as any other important decision, must be made from an informed, intelligent point of view. Your choice should be based on many factors influenced by your specific application. Other factors can be used for general comparison and are strong indicators of the overall quality of the brand selected. Before making any decision, we ask that you take time to accurately compare product quality, product and information availability, technical support and service both before and after the sale. When you do, you’ll find VektorFlo ® 7 MPa above the rest! This is why Vektek is the world’s leading manufacturer of power workholding products.

Quality Product At Vektek, we know that professional users expect top quality products backed by knowledgeable technical support. They also expect ready availability of parts when needed. Armed with this knowledge our team of engineers began an extensive product development process. Exhaustive research, design, development and testing yielded a unified product line, all of which incorporate the following appropriate features: n BHC™, a special black hard coating, makes VektorFlo ® bodies extra durable. This high tech surface hardening process virtually eliminates the bore scoring and scratching that is the most common reason for seal failures and leakage in some brands.  Hardened and Chromed bearing surfaces are incorporated to provide improved load bearing areas where it is critical to device life.  Every device is ported using standard G 1/4 or G 1/8 L-Series porting. Face seal porting normally installs without leaking the first and every time.  Special seals and wipers help keep leaks from starting by sealing fluid in and contaminants out. Loaded lip and crown seals virtually eliminate external (visible) and internal (invisible) leaks. Most devices incorporate a wiper to keep chips from entering the cylinder and damaging the seal. VektorFlo ® seals have been tested in most common coolants and found to be stable in all those tested.  Warranty is an indication of a manufacturer’s confidence in the ability of the product to run "trouble free" for a specified time. Our hydraulic products are warranted for one year from date of shipment. For details see our printed warranty statement. Compare the durability and long life of our devices with that of competitors. Prove it to yourself. We welcome any head-to-head challenge between our product and others in the marketplace.

create a catalog that is easy to read, understand and use. You will find the catalog organized so that you can find specifications, dimensions and product specific features without a lot of useless rhetoric, but with more information than some "parts store" catalogs. Should you need information not contained in this catalog, our Application Engineering Staff would be happy to answer your questions. Service Before The Sale Our unique blend of telemarketing, catalog, web, and technical support is there for you when you need us, not when "we’re in the neighborhood." Pick up the phone and call us. We’ll do our best to answer your questions, solve your problems or just discuss your application at your convenience. There is no charge for this service. A typical customer finds that it goes like this:  After several conversations with a Vektek sales representative, you may uncover an application where hydraulic clamping will pay for itself in a very short time.  Call us at your convenience and discuss the application with one of our Application Engineers. They may ask you to send information about your current fixture, part, machine and/or processes for them to study and propose a clamping concept.  To aid in your fixture design, CAD files for each product are available to you online at or by requesting a CD from your sales representative.  One more thing to keep in mind . . . You can have all this service at no charge! Call us and see for yourself. Unlike some sales people, we don’t and won’t disappear after the sale. We want your fixture to work right the first time and keep on working. If it doesn’t work CALL US, you’ll find us ready to help. Remember when you dial 001-913-365-1045 you talk to us, we can’t and won’t hide! We want your business today, tomorrow and next year. We will continue to do what it takes to earn your business and respect. We want to help make your business more profitable. Service After The Sale

Availability of Product and Information

We customarily maintain inventory of all items in this catalog. This enables us to respond quickly to help you in a difficult situation. Please plan adequate lead times into your production schedule when ordering large quantities. We take pride in the information we share with you, our customer. We have attempted to

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