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Sequence Valve

Sequence Valve for Circuit Timing  100% stainless steel valve. Construction resists corrosion which can cause other styles to "misfire".  Direct acting poppet style, adjustable, cartridge type construction.  Cartridge may be installed directly into your manifold.  Set Pressure adjustment range: 2.0 MPa (20 bar) to 6.2 MPa (62 bar).  Two-port design eliminates need for third fluid line to drain bypass flow (internal leakage) back to system reservoir.  True sequence design allows full system pressure downstream of valve after opening.  Up to 10 MPa (100 bar) system pressure.  Recommended Filtration: 25 Micron (Nom)/ 40 Micron (ABS) (min).  We recommend a 1 - 1.5 MPa (10 -15 bar) spread between pressures when using multiple valves. Operation: The VektorFlo ® sequence valve operates as a pressure sensitive, normally closed element in a clamping system. When fluid first enters the system, the valve is closed, blocking the flow of fluid to devices downstream. After devices upstream of the valve have moved into position and pressure begins to increase, the increasing pressure overcomes the spring force holding the valve closed, forcing the poppet off its seat, and allowing fluid flow through the valve. After downstream devices have

Sequence Valve Dimensions Model No. L7-0412-00 Description Assembly Set Pressure Range 2.0 MPa (20 bar) to 6.2 MPa (62 bar) System Pressure Up to 10 MPa (100 bar)

positioned and clamped, and downstream pressure has increased to equal upstream pressure, entire system pressure increases to the maximum level setting on the hydraulic power supply. When unclamping, as pressure falls, force from the adjustment spring pushes the poppet back onto its seat. Fluid trapped in the downstream circuit flows back through the check valve to return to the power unit reservoir.

Filter Plate For above Valves Model No. L7-0842-03 Order a filter plate to protect valve from debris (more details on page K-2)


For proper sealing, the mating surface must be flat within 0.08 mm with a maximum surface roughness of 1.6 µm R a

NOTE: Maximum system flow rate is 11.4 l/m.

Excess flow voids warranty.

Gage (Line Press) 70 Bar MAX


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