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My company uses a lot of brass on our product. Can I use these to connect my 7 MPa hydraulic clamps? Yes, brass fittings and some aluminum or steel fittings are for lower pressures. Be sure that locally sourced fittings are rated for 7 MPa (70 bar) operation. We run a fixture for 3 months, store it for 6 months, then bring it back on line. How can we keep everything working? Preventive maintenance . Before you store your fixtures, be sure they are free of coolants, coolant buildup, clean and dry. A light coating of corrosion protection may help. Be sure to store in a cool, dry, clean environment. Our clamps are used for cast iron grinding. Our coolants also seem to be corrosive (our fixture plates rust). Will your clamps stand up to this? Nothing is going to be 100% foolproof. Our extensive use of hard chrome plating, stainless steel and our corrosion resistant BHC™ will give you the best possible resistance to corrosion. Our processes will allow our clamps to run longer with fewer problems, even in this destructive environment. Preventive maintenance is essential to keep hydraulic systems and components running at peak performance through millions of cycles. Be sure to flush your entire system at least once a year and more frequently in high contamination environments. When I look at my clamps, there are threaded holes in them. What do the labels “P” “ADVANCE” “RETRACT” mean? These threaded holes are called ports. The label “P” or “ADVANCE” ports are normally used to clamp the part, “RETRACT” indicates the port normally used to unclamp or retract the clamp. I need some type of retractable locator. After my part is loaded, I want it to “disappear”. Do you have anything to do this? Any double acting cylinder may be used in this way. If a highly precise location is required, please be sure to use a guide bushing to provide more precise location.

My local chemical representative has recommended the use of “water-glycol” hydraulic fluid. What are the benefits of this fluid and should I use it? Water-glycol is a non-traditional hydraulic fluid. This fluid was developed for use where petroleum based fluids are not allowed. They are commonly used in areas requiring “flameproof” fluid. They often cause problems with device seals, valves and pumps. We do not recommend water-glycol fluids. We may in some cases be able to provide devices with seal compounds acceptable for use in this environment. How hot is too hot to run hydraulic fluid? Anything above 177°C is considered too hot for most hydraulic fluids and seals. Our standard seals are rated to operate at temperatures from 4°C to 71°C. Even seals made of fluorocarbon are not recommended above 177°C. For advice on high heat applications, please contact Vektek’s Engineering Department who stand ready to help. I have my cylinder hooked up to a pump. It extended but won’t retract. What have I done wrong? Is there a directional control valve in the circuit? If not, one is required. Can you provide a photo, schematic or simple hand sketch for us to troubleshoot? We are glad to help. How do I read my gauge and what does it mean? First, release all pressure on the system. Check the gauge for proper operation. Check to be sure that the gauge is returning to “zero”. Pressurize the system and read the gauge. The current reading from the gauge indicates the pressure your clamping system operates at when clamped unless there is a pressure limited circuit branch. (The entire system equalizes at this pressure, ∆ P is negligible when under static clamping conditions.)

I need a clamp just like your L1-4025-00L except it needs a 150 mm long rod. Can you help me? Maybe. We do entertain specials from time to time. Please ask us. We often find that “special” requests coincide with our ongoing new product development. If you have a special need, it is worth asking. We may decide to do your special as a development project. We may not be able to produce it (actually you may not want it) because of cost. It may be something we have done before and will be relatively easy. The danger involved in using “specials” is that we do not stock replacements on custom parts. When your machine crashes (when, not if) and you need a rush spare, custom parts have to be made from scratch. You will need to order spares at the time of the original order. The cost of a single replacement on a complicated special can often be 5-10 times the cost paid in the beginning. A little foresight will be very beneficial if you must have a special. If you have questions you’d like answered, call, write, fax or e-mail us. We would be glad to help you use VektorFlo ® products more effectively. +1-913-365-1045 1334 East 6th Avenue Emporia, KS 66801 USA Fax: +1-816-364-0471



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