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A Mother’s Day Tribute to My Memaw

We all have those special people in our lives — the ones who change our lives for the better and inspire us to do and become more.

suggesting you consider a different approach. She recommended I try cutting Eva’s nails right after a bath to make the job a little easier (why didn’t I think of that?!) and adding a little applesauce to Eva’s rice cereal so she would be more willing to take a bite. (She was right about that, too!) Memaw married young, had three children, and worked full-time. Somehow,

I am fortunate that I have had several strong, loving women who have served as role models and mentors in my life.

One of those women is Barbara Kidd, my maternal grandmother, who I affectionately call "Memaw."

Growing up, we lived very close to my grandparents. Their home was an extension of ours, and I always looked forward to visits. Part of the reason for this was because Memaw always had some sort of project planned. Whether it was planting flowers in her garden or a particular craft, I always knew I would never be bored with Memaw around. The other reason I looked forward to visits was because Memaw had a way of making you feel as if she had been waiting all day just to see you. When I finally arrived, it was as if her day was now complete.

My grandmother, Barbara Kidd, with Eva at her baptism.

she made it all work. And she’s still exercising those superpowers today. When she comes to visit and watch Eva, dinner is on the table, everything is clean, and Eva has her hair perfectly coiffed. I have no idea how she does it all. Memaw was in the waiting room when Eva was born. When my husband, Jep, came out to announce Eva’s safe arrival, he shared our daughter’s name with everyone for the first time. (We had kept it a secret throughout the pregnancy.) When he said, “Eva Barbara,” my Memaw’s eyes welled with tears. She wasn’t crying because we chose Barbara as the middle name. She was touched because we chose Eva as the first name. Eva was the name of Memaw’s mother — a woman she had loved and cherished dearly. My Memaw is one of the most caring, genuine, and kind-hearted people I know. She always believes in you and believes the best about you. I’ve never heard her say a bad thing about anybody, and she has an uncanny knack to find the silver lining in every situation.

She always made me feel special. She was (and still is) part parent, part teacher, and part best friend. Memaw enjoys spending quality time with the people she loves — and she is always game for a new

"Memaw had a way of making you feel as if she had been waiting all day just to see you."

adventure or experience. She took me to my first masters tournament when I was in college. She was so excited about spending the day together and ensured that we did all the quintessential things people do at the masters — from eating pimento cheese sandwiches to perusing the gift shop. These days, I know I can call her anytime, with any question, and she’ll have the answer. Yet, she always dispenses advice in her very unassuming way — never pushing it on you, but gently


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