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Lab Accuracy with Mobile Ease · 17025 Accredited Lab · Capabilities Include: Pressure, Torque, Temperature, Hydraulics, Electrical, High Voltage Hot Sticks & Grounds, and More · Rental & Product Purchases Available · Nationwide Scheduling · Access to Transcat’s Network of Labs & Repair Centers · Reduce Equipment Downtime · In-Process Calibration Services Available Mobile Calibration Laboratory Transcat provides the next generation in calibration. Transcat’s mobile calibration services provide premium service with maximum convenience. Mobile labs are located throughout the US.

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Megger DCM1500S Solar Clamp Meter

The DCM1500S is ideal for use in the installation, maintenance, monitoring and testing of photovoltaic systems as well as standard AC or DC electrical equipment.

· Megger Link App Compatible · CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V · PV Test Leads with MC4PV Plugs · True RMS Reading on ACA/ACV · AC/DC μA Range

· Resistance, Diode, Capacitance & Frequency Measurement · 2000 V DC · TRMS 1500 V AC · 1500 A AC/DC

· Smart Hold · Datalogger

· MIN/MAX Hold · Inrush Current

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Megger PVM210 Irradiance Meter

With the easy to read display and measurement hold feature the meter gives fast, accurate readings of solar power for initially choosing optimum position for the photovoltaic panel. In addition the meter can provide the vital measurement for the calculation of short circuit current in conjunction with a suitable ammeter to verify the stated short circuit current provided by the manufacturer of the panel. On the rear of the meter is a universal camera thread that allows mounting for precise readings if required. A protective pouch is included with each instrument. · Optimal Incident Angle and Positioning of Solar Panels · Measurement of Solar Power for Panel Short Circuit Calculation · 3¾ Digit LCD Display with 1999 W/m² Range · Single Handed Use · Mini Pocket Size · Standard Camera Mount Fixing for Accurate Placement The Megger PVM210 provides the solar / photovoltaic engineer a compact, pocket size instrument that is easy to use. Single handed operation is possible because the solar detector and meter is housed in one neat unit. This feature is ideal when using the instrument on a sloping roof or at the top of a ladder.

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Megger EVCC300 Electric Vehicle Charger Checker

The new EVCC300 introduces a new and convenient way of checking Electric Vehicle charge points. A simple all in one concept provides an easy to use solution to check both the safety and operation of level 1 and level 2 EV chargers.

· Checks Level 1 and Level 2 Chargers · Checks Chargers with SAE J1772 Type 1 and Type 2 Connectors · Performs Four EV Charger Safety Checks · Performs Four EV Charger Operation Checks

· Checks to See if Nuisance Tripping or GFCI is Likely to Occur · Reads Control Pilot State Response from EV Charger to IEC61852-1 · Fault Checking when Customer Reports Charger Issues to Car Dealership/Service Center

The EVCC300 slowly increases ground / earth leakage current until the protective device trips to ensure it trips at the correct leakage current level. If the leakage current that trips the device is too low it will indicate either an issue with the device or there is already a high level of leakage present.

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Each Unit Includea: Continuity/Earth Bond Lead, Blow Moulded Case, VA-T1 Type 2 to Type 1 Connector Adaptor.

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Megger MIT2500 CAT IV Insulation Testers

The MIT2500 insulation and continuity tester has been designed for Electrical and Industrial test applications, where operation voltages exceed 1000 V and higher insulation test voltages are needed. The MIT2500 can produce up to 2500 Vdc for testing insulation resistance in PV systems.

· Insulation Testing Up to 2.5 kV and 200 G Ω Range in a Hand Held Instrument · Guard Terminal for High Resistance Accuracy · Adjustable Insulation Test Voltage from 50 V to 2500 V · Stabilized Insulation Test Voltage

· Rechargeable Options for Mains and Car Charging · Single Range, Faster Continuity Testing from 0.01 Ω to 1 M Ω · Polarization Index (PI) & Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) · CAT IV 600 V Applications

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Learn More about the Megger MIT2500 & PV Applications:

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The MIT400/2 series insulation and continuity testers are designed not just for Electrical and Industrial, but with an exceptionally wide range of applications from electrical installations, cable testing, motor testing, automotive, ESD, panel building, avionics, maintenance etc. Megger MIT400/2 Series CAT IV Insulation Testers Insulation testing has been enhanced with feedback controlled test voltages to limit over-voltage to 2%, rather than the industry standard 10-20%. A variable range has been added to allow any intermediate voltage from 50 V to 1000 V in 10 V steps, where application specific test voltages are required that do not appear in the standard ranges. Continuity testing is now significantly faster, and a single auto-ranging 0.01 Ω to 1.0 M Ω function replaces the “ohms” and “kOhms” ranges. Retained are the 200 mA and 20 mA test options.

· Designed for Electrical and Industrial Testing · Insulation Testing Up to 1000 V and 200 G Ω Range · Stabilized Insulation Test Voltage · Single Range, Faster Continuity Testing from 0.01 Ω to 1 M Ω · Adjustable Insulation Test Voltage from 10 V to 1000 V

· 600 V Trms AC and DC Voltage Measurement · Test Result Storage and Bluetooth® Downloading

· Live Circuit Detection and Protection · Rechargeable Options for AC Power and Car Charging · CAT IV 600 V & IP54

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Megger MIT515, MIT525, MIT1025 & MIT1525 5 kV, 10 kV, 15 kV DC Insulation Resistance Testers w/ Data Storage

Smaller and lighter than previous models yet offer advanced features and rapid charge capability.

· MIT1525 – 15 kV Testing Enables Measurement of Motors and Generators Above 34500 V and Equipment Rated Above 35 kV · Smaller Size and Lighter Weight Allows Easier Transport and Use without Compromising Performance · High Measurement Range Enables Installation Testing and Long-Term Trending of Higher Value Apparatus · Unique Dual Case Design Allows for Fire-Retardant Protection While Maintaining Ruggedness · High-Quality, Flexible Silicon Test Leads Meet Safety Regulations of IEC 61010-31:2008 While Ensuring Measurement Accuracy · Timed IR Plus PI, DAR, DD, SV and Ramp Tests Maximize Diagnostic Testing Capability · Operate from Line Power When Battery Fully Discharged (Charges While Operating) · Two and One-Half Hour Full Battery Charge Time (One-Half Hour Charge for One Hour Testing) Significantly Increases Productivity

· Up to Six Hours Continuous Testing (5 kV) on a Single Battery Charge · Industry Best Guard Terminal Performance to Insure Highest Accuracy of Measured Values · Dedicated Voltmeter Function (30 V to 660 V) with Frequency Measurement Allows the User to Check for Induced Voltages · CATIV 600 V Safety Rating on all Terminals Allows for Safe Use in the Widest Range of Applications · Large LCD with Automatic Backlight · Noise Filter Rejects up to 3 mA Noise for Effective Operation in Electrically Noisy Environments · High Altitude Operation up to 3000m while Maintaining CATIV 600 V Rating · Rotary Switch Operation for Easy, Intuitive Field Use · Field Replaceable Battery



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The Megger DET2/3 is a high performance ground resistance meter that measures earth electrode resistance and bonding as well as soil resistivity to increase the safety and performance of electrical systems. Megger DET2/3 High Performance Ground Tester

· IP54 Rated When In Use and IP65 when Stored · Continuity Test Using DC Excitation for Bond Testing · Color Display Showing Numerical Results or a Graph of Result Trend Over Time · Auto-Calculated Resistivity in Ohm-Meters or Ohm-Feet

· Current Measurement Using Optional CT Accessory as Well as Clamp-On Resistance Test Mode · Data Recording of Up to 500 Records, with Download to PC or USB Drive (USB 2.0) · Operation from In-Built Rechargeable Li-ion Battery or 12VDC Input

Used With: ETK Kit

ETK Test Kits include: Red and Yellow Test Leads and Interconnection Leads, Black and Green Test Leads and Interconnection Leads also included with ETK50, 100, 50c, 100c; MCC1010 and MVC1010 and Coresponding Test Leads Included in ETK50c, 100c; Ground Test Spikes; Accessory Bag; ETK30 Includes Test Lead 1m to 1.4m with Crocodile Clips.

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These instruments induce a test current into earth systems and measure ground resistance in multi-ground installations without needing to disconnect the ground. Megger DET14C & DET24C Clamp-On Resistance Testers

DET14C Features and Benefits · 39 x 55mm Elliptical Head · Low Maintenance Flat Jaw Design

DET24C Additional Features · BlueTooth to USB Interface for Download · Memory - 2k Records (256 for DET14C) · Megger PowerDB /PowerDB Lite™ Compatible

· Ground Resistance Range 0.05 Ω - 1500 Ω · AC Current Range 0.5 mA to 35A RMS · 24 Hour Battery Life Based on Continuous Test at 25 Ω , no Backlight · CAT IV 600V Safety Rating · Backlight Display

Learn More about the Megger DET14C & DET24C :



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Megger MPQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer

The Megger MPQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer is a Class A compliant, handheld, 3-phase analyzer. It is a highly intuitive analyzer that delivers unmatched capability in a smart ergonomic platform.

· Automatic CT Recognition Means Never Having the Unit Programmed for an Incorrect Range · CTs are Powered by the Unit So There is No Need for Additional Connections · Connection Verification Ensures the Unit is Configured Correctly and you Get the Data You Need — No Wasted Recordings · On-Board Data Analysis Saves Time by Allowing an Immediate Examination of Data Before Leaving the Site · Multiple Communication Methods (USB, Ethernet, USB Stick or SD Card) Allow for Flexible and Convenient Operation · Removable SD Card Allows for Large Recording Capabilities and Simple Memory Expansion · The Expanded 1000 V AC Range Allows for More Application; No Need for a Second Unit

· CATIV @ 600 V Assures a Safe Unit for All Applications · 1000 V DC Measurement Allows Testing and Analysis of Renewable Applications Dismissing the Need for Additional Equipment · Full-Featured Class A Compliant (All Parameters) Ensures the Recording of Correct Values · Smart Configuration in the Megger PQ Software for Quick and Easy Setup · Phase Angle Stability Measurement Lets You Easily Find Tricky Phasing Problems Caused by Multiple Erratic Sources · Timed Waveform Capture Allows for the Taking of PQ Events and Periodic Waveforms at the Same Time · Free Software Included Means No License or Dongle Required

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Megger CFL535G Cable Fault Locator

· Trace Tagging Function · Comprehensive Dual Channel Capability with Dual Aspect Display · AUTO Setup Mode for Instant Use · Ultra Fast Pulse for Near End Fault Identification · Xpert Guidance to Potential Fault · Designed for Use on All Metallic Paired Cables · IP54 Rating The Megger TDR2010 is a state of the art, dual-channel, high resolution, compact Time Domain Reflectometer with a color screen for locating faults on paired metallic cables. Megger TDR2010 Advanced Dual-Channel TDR with Tag Tracing

The Megger TDR2050 is a state of the art dual-channel, dual-trace time domain reflectometer ideal for locating faults on paired metallic cables. It is the first TDR in its class to have 600V CATIV input protection filter built in, giving the ability to connect to known live lines. Megger TDR2050 Advanced Dual-Channel TDR with Tag Tracing

The CFL535G is a dual channel, compact Time Domain Reflectometer for locating faults on metallic cables.

· Comprehensive Dual Channel Capability with Dual Aspect Display · Auto Set Up for Instant Use · Ultra Fast Pulse for Near End Fault Identification · One Button Press Xpert Guidance to Potential Fault · Designed for Use on All Metallic Cable Pairs · IP54 Rating

· 600 V CAT IV Input Protection Filter Built in · Step and Pulse TDR Selections · Distance Dependant Gain

· Trace Tagging · 2ns Pulse Width · Designed for Use on All Metallic Paired Cables

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Megger DLRO2 Ducter™ Low Resistance Ohmmeter 2 Amp

· New ‘Difference Meter’ for Quick Data Comparisons · Use Long Leads at 1 A without Compromising Test Speed · Safely Test the Resistance of Inductive Loads at 1A · Up to 600 V Active Protection Against Inadvertent Live Connections without Blowing a Fuse · Ideal for Outdoor Use with Protection Against Dust and Moisture to IP54 · Industry Standard Safety Rated at CATIII 600 V/CATIV 300 The DLRO2 is a tough, hand-held 2 Amp low resistance ohmmeter. It’s designed to provide fast, accurate, repeatable measurements, even in electrically noisy locations.


KC-C Extended Test Leads The KC-C leads allow reliable measurement of lightning protection circuit resistance of wind turbines. They’re available in two lengths — KC100C (328 ft) and KC50C (164 ft); the KC50E extension allows up to 656 ft.

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