December 2018 Newsletter


The Trial Membership program offers the opportunity for people to enjoy the ANCC lifestyle for a preview of 6 consecutive months with no upfront Initiation Fee and access to all of the Club’s facilities and activities. The program is only open to NEW Members. For program details, please click here or contact Sarah Moffit, Membership Coordinator, at T R I A L M E M B E R S H I P


Sons and Daughters over the age of 23 of current Members may be eligible for their own Membership at a discounted Initiation Fee if they meet eligibility criteria. Interested in learning more on how you can keep the ANCC legacy within your family? Click here for more information SONS & DAUGHTERS P R O G R A M

Word of Mouth Referral is the best way to bring new Members to the Club! Recruit a new Resident Member* & receive a $300* credit that you can spend throughout the Club. *Does not include new Members who join under the Newly Commissioned, No Initiation Fee category. ** The $300 credit may be applied to everything except Dues, Capital Infusion, Initiation Fees & the Employee Appreciation Fund. Member must be the Primary Sponsor to receive the $300 credit. The credit may not be applied retroactively.

Resident LT Leonel Robles Jr., USCG Mr. David Andrew Olson Ms. Didi Summers Mr. Zachary R. Moffatt CDR Brian D. Hoffer, USN, Ret. Social Mr. Christopher D. Lawson Dr. Robert Cristiano, Ph. D. Mr. William J. Coates Absent LT J. Terence Blake, USN LT Richard Austen Packer, USN Welcome New Members 24 October to 19 November 2018

ANCC Foundation Did you Know?

Army Navy Country Club has had four members who held Five Star rank. Can you name them? If you go by the three named sections of the Five Star Ballroom and the Lounge adjacent to the 1924, you will correctly name only three of the four. For the answer, click here.

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