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energy saving guarantee

The most powerful energy advisor available

Emberpulse® is an intelligent in-home system, compatible with all solar systems. Emberpulse® monitors and advises you how to reduce your energy costs and earn more from your solar.

It’s guaranteed to find you at least $500 in energy savings within 3 years  .

Never get ripped off by electricity companies again

Our energy bills have increased over 113% in 10 years and are among the most expensive in the world. Today you could be paying up to $1,500 more than you should. Emberpulse® stops you getting ripped off by comparing your actual energy usage against the hundreds of energy plans available. This type of detailed bill analysis has not been possible until now. Emberpulse® is a world first product that always ensures you’re on the best energy plan. It’s the product that the energy retailers wished didn’t exist.

Current plan $1,465 p.a. New plan $1,194 p.a.

Savings $271 p.a.

Guaranteed solar outage protection Emberpulse® also provides solar monitoring. Did you know that solar system outages usually go undiagnosed for up to 4 months, costing you over $600. Emberpulse® guarantees to protect your solar investment by notifying you of an outage – if we don ’ t, we ’ ll pay you for your lost solar revenue. This is an offer not available anywhere else.

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