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This kit contains: 12 illustrated layouts, 4 plasticised sheets with layout sketches (15x30cm), 1 decoration stencil A4, 1 layout stencil (30x30cm), 8 Reportage Album pages in autumn tones 1 Reportage Album 30x30cm.

KIT 974 Azza Scrap ‘Promenade’ $75.00

Catalogue COVER Layout using the Neptune stencil by Christine Houbrechts

2 | Catalogue de juillet-août 2019

This kit contains: 1 Large stamp set , 1 A5 texture stencil, 1 sketch sheet A4 2 sheets A4 of printed plain paper 4 sheets of patterned paper a tutorial (in French but well illustrated) presented in an A4 velcro pouch

KIT 956 Azza Scrap PLUS ‘Promenade’ $52.00

ALB 1019 Reportage Album 30x30 cm ‘Promenade’ $39.00

Layout using Promenade by Christine Houbrechts


- THEME - ’Christmas Ambiance


I_PAP 123 Embossed Paper ‘Cherry’ (A4 - 236 gr.) $1.40 per sheet

ALB 645 Set of 6 cards ‘Cherry’ (15x15 cm) • $8.50

7.5 cm

I_DIE 089 Cutting Die ‘Crown’ (1 pc.) • $23.00

I_EMB 201 Embossing Folder

‘Festive Branches’ (15x15 cm) • $23.00 Note: a different size from our usual embossing folders

4 | Catalogue d’octobre 2019

Nov / Dec

I_DIE 090 Die set (9 pcs) ‘Christmas Branches’ $45.00

I_TAM 1041 Large Stamp set ‘Christmas Ambiance’ (14x 18 cm) • $35.00

I_PAP 075 Printed Papers Pack

‘Christmas Ambiance’ (A4 - 8 pages - Double-sided - 100 gr.) $10.50

I_DIE 092 Cutting die set ‘Christmas Ambiance’ (2 pcs) • $49.00

I_FOIDIE 505 Metal Foil stamp ‘Festive Tree’ (1pc.) • $23.00


’Frosty Lake


DIE 150 Cutting Die set ‘Frosty Lake’ (6pcs) • $25.00 Compatible with TAM 0088

TAM 0088 Large Stamp Set ‘Frosty Lake’ (14x18 cm) • $35.00

ALI 3018 Decoration Book ‘Frosty Lake’ (21x21 cm) • $28.00

EMB 056 Embossing Folder ‘Frosty Lake’ (A6) • $12.00

6 | Catalogue d’octobre 2019

Nov / Dec

7 cm

FOIDIE 015 Foil Metal Stamp ‘Frosty Lake’ (1pc) • $25.00

PAP 0070 Printed Papers Pack ‘Frosty Lake’ (A4 - 2x4 pages - double-sided, 100 gr.) $10.50

PAP 4019 Silhouette Figures ‘Frosty Lake’ (18x12 cm) • $9.90

TAMDIE 011 Micro-stamp and Die set ‘Frosty Lake’ (6.5x6.5 cm) • $16.00

PAP 3014 A4 Sketch Sheet ‘Frosty Lake’ (A4 - 200 gr.) • $3.50


’Frosty Lake


GAB 1347 Decoration Stencil Duo ‘Frosty Lake’ (15x10.5 cm) • $16.00

GAB 304 Texture Stencil Duo ‘Frosty Lake’ (15x10.5 cm) • $16.00

’Frosty Lake Card Kit

This Kit contains: 3 cards 15x15 ‘Blue Jeans’ 3 cards 15x15 ‘Kraft’ 1 A4 Sketch Sheet Frosty Lake 3 sheets printed papers ‘Frosty Lake’ 1 sheet plain printed paper A4 ‘Chestnut’ 1 sheet embossed paper ‘white’ 1 roll self adhesive glitter tape ‘Blue’ Tutorial in French but with easy to follow photos and diagrams. Presented in an A4 Velcro Pouch.

I_KIT 1100 EXPRESS Card Kit ‘Frosty Lake’ $25.00

8 | Catalogue d’octobre 2019

Nov / Dec

’Christmas Extras

PAP 705 Peel Off Stickers ‘Circles $15.00 2 sheets, Copper and Cherry

PAP 810 Printed Papers Pack ‘Classic Christmas’ (A4 - 20 pages - 180 gr.) $25.00 This pack of papers is SPECIAL ORDER only and not in our regular stock.


A perfect Christmas gift  ...

KIT 2088 EXPRESS Kit ‘Calendar 2020’ (30x30 cm) • $35.00

Thi skit contains: 1 blank calendar 30x30 with pages in two colours, Natural and Kraft, 1 sheet of A4 prinyed paper ‘Essential Waterlily’, I sheet of A4 printed plain paper ‘Waterlily, 1 sheet of A4 printed plain paper ‘Brick’, 1 sheet of plain paper ‘Natural’, 1 sheet of printed sketches , a set of months of the year and a tutorial. Presented in a 30x30 velcro pouch. Please note: The instrucions are in French but the photos are easy to follow from the drawn sketch with measurements. The monthly sheets are also in French but a set of sheets in English is available by file. Subscribers to this catalogue may be able to get a new set of monthly sheets each year, so that these can be replaced and the calendar, with your precious photos, re-used from year to year.

10 | Catalogue d’octobre 2019

Nov / Dec

Colourful extras...

ENC 571 Giant ink pad ‘Pine Green’ (10.5x7 cm) • $ 16.90




ALB 853 Double Pages 30x60 ‘Cherry’

ALB 852 Double Pages 30x60 ‘Copper’

$23.00 Set of 5

$23.00 Set of 5


The right tool for the job ...... Check out these new tools to make the job easier and better. Ask your consultant for a deomonstration.

ACC 128 Set of 5 ‘Ink Blenders’ $16.00

Use these versatile little tools as you would a dauber - shade ink on a page, add ink from a pad to a stamp ..... Shape the end to suit your needs and slide the ‘stick’ through to paper cover.

TAM 905 7x10cm ‘Silicon Stamper’ $23.00

Use this Silicon pad in conjunction with your Stamp Plate TAM 904 to reverse the pattern on a stamp.

ACC 129 ‘AZZA Ruler 30x15’ $14.00

Use this extra large ruler to help position photos on a page and to make sure borders are drawn straight and in the right place.

12 | Catalogue d’octobre 2019

Nov / Dec

Gallery ......

Layout using the Promenade stencil by Christine Houbrechts

Layout using the Promenade stencil byAnita Day, Qld.


‘ Oldies but Goodies...... ’ Let’s not forget Christmas Past. Some of our old favourites may be new to new customers, so let’s have a look at a few of them. To see the full range, use the search word ‘Christmas’ in the AZZA online shop.

I_EMB 018 Embossing Folder ‘Christmas Star’ $12.00

GAB 291 Texture Stencil Duo ‘Silent Night’ (15x10.5 cm) • $16.00

GAB 1327 Decoration Stencil Duo ‘Silent Night’ (15x10.5 cm) • $16.00

I_ACC 913 MDF ‘MDF Deer and Stockings’ $12.00 4 of each

ON SALE KIT 3008 Theme Kit ‘Christmas Magic’ $50.00 $70.00 Contains Large stamp set, decoration stencil duo, silhouette figures sheet and ideas book.

14 | Catalogue d’octobre 2019

Nov / Dec

TAMDIE 011 Micro-stamp and Die set ‘Deer Head’ (6.5x6.5 cm) • $16.00

I_DIE 079 Cutting Die ‘Windows Christmas Star’ (1pc) • $25.00

I_FOIDIE 503 Foil Metal Stamp ‘Frosty Lake’ (2pc) • $49.00

TAMDIE 006 Micro-stamp and Die set ‘Silent Night’ (6.5x6.5 cm) • $16.00

I_PAP 274 A4 Sketch Sheet ‘Silent Night’ $3.50

I_GAB 112 Texture Stencil A5 (1) ‘Christmas Star’ $12.00

To see the full range, use the search word ‘Christmas’ in the AZZA online shop.




This Basket contains: Embossing Folder, 1/2 pack (4 sheets) printed papers and a large stamp set.

PAN 066 Nov/Dec Basket 1 ‘Woody Winter Basket’ $47.00

16 | Catalogue d’octobre 2019

Nov / Dec

’Frosty Lake’



PAN 067 Nov/Dec Basket 2 ‘Frosty Lake Basket’ $59.50

This Basket contains: 1 sheet Silhouette Figures, Texture Stencil duo, 1/2 pack (4 sheets) printed papers and a large stamp set.


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