Stirling Eyecare June/July 2019

June/July 2019

As Our Baby Graduates, Our Employees Begin Their Families A Joyful Epidemic

Parenthood is one of the simultaneously strangest and greatest experiences of your life. You are completely enveloped in making sure this little person is safe, well cared for, and loved, while also preparing them for their inevitable exit from your nest. After nearly 20 years of cultivating, fostering, and loving them unconditionally, they head out to forge their own future. While you’re sad to see them go, this is exactly what you were raising them for.

journey from meeting her husband to getting married and becoming a first- time mother. In fact, Dr. Gonzalez jokes, “I kind of feel like her mother!”

On May 31, our first baby, Justin, will graduate from high school. Justin will be attending Bucknell University to study engineering, and we’re proud of who he has become. In what has felt like a blink, our very cuddly and somewhat fussy firstborn is now headed to the rest of his life, and while we will miss having him in our home, we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next. Besides, if we are in need of a baby fix, our employees at Stirling Eyecare have us covered! In the last year, three of our employees have welcomed babies into their families, and for each one that was born, we have loved watching them grow. This baby epidemic began in July of 2018, when Brycen Thoma was born to our clinic assistant Kylie, about one year after she and her husband were married. For the past three years, Kylie has been on the front lines of our clinic, helping patients order their contacts and select their glasses. When she isn’t working at Stirling, Kylie is helping her young family on their farm and in their butcher shop, a lifestyle that even 1-year-old Brycen has fully embraced. He is all boy and completely engrossed in tractors and farm life. Next, Melissa, a six-year employee of Stirling Eyecare, and her husband had Rhett Campbell in October of 2018 — ironically just a day away from our eldest son’s birthday. Brycen was actually born on our youngest son’s birthday, too! Rhett is the happiest and sweetest little boy, and it’s been a joy to watch his mom and him grow. We have known Melissa since she was 21 years old, and we have watched her

Lastly, the newest addition to Stirling Eyecare was born in March of 2019 to Dr. Amanda Frye and her husband. Taylor Moore was born just one day

before her due date, and her independent personality is already showing. In fact, when she was just 2 weeks old, Taylor was already sleeping for six hours at night! Her determined nature actually mirrors our youngest son’s personality when he was a baby. Unlike his brother, Nathan didn’t have a warm and fuzzy disposition, and instead, he was content doing his own thing. As we watch our employees begin their families, we can’t help but think about the beginning of our parenthood. Looking back, we definitely felt the stress of being first-time parents, but we also enjoyed it immensely. Now, as we prepare for a major change in our family, we’re happily watching some of our employees grow as parents. It’s been wonderful to see them transform from young women into confident, happy mothers with beautiful children. And if there’s one thing we can teach them, it’s to enjoy every minute of this crazy, hectic, and amazing time.

–Dr. Claudia Gonzalez and Dr. Michael Higgins • 1

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