G1+4 TPAL Test


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Prepare to Read

First Read Introduce the Text

TEKS 1.2A, 1.5A, 1.6B ELPS 4.D

• Read aloud and discuss the information about the genre. • Guide children to set a purpose for reading. • Provide information about the author, John Rocco. TEKS xxx, xxx, xx

Realistic fiction stories are made up but could happen in real life. Look for: • characters who act like real people • events that could really happen • places that seem real



Set a Purpose As you read, look at the pictures. Think about who is talking and what they are saying.

blackout normal busy idea still huddled

Writing Mentor Text

Genre Features Tell children that they will be writing a story and that Blackout is a good example of a made-up story. Review the features of a story: characters, setting, events.

Meet John Rocco.


2 Module 00

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