LintEater® Operator Manual | RLE202

Additional  Cleaning  Methods 

   Using  an  Electric  Leaf  Blower  to  blow  the  loosened  lint  out  of  the  vent  while  rotary  brushing  from  outside  Method  2 

An electric blower can also be attached to the vent on the inside to blow the lint out while you rotary brush from the outside toward the inside. Important  Note:  a) Connect the Dryer Adapter between the blower & vent to prevent the brush from entering into the blower. b) Always wear eye protection & a respirator. 

Method  3 

Rotary  brushing  from  outside  with  vacuum  connected  outside   This is not a preferred method but the cleaning can be done this way. Important  Note:  Only use this method with the Dryer  Adapter  installed at the opposite end of the vent on the interior. This will stop the brush when it reaches the end of the vent. 


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