LintEater® Operator Manual | RLE202

Cleaning baseboard heat or under refrigerator with the Lint Brush

Baseboard Heat: Works great to remove the dust buildup on the fi ns inside your baseboard heat. Simply run the brush over the fi ns while the brush clockwise. Use a vacuum to clean the brush as you go. Be careful not to damage the fi ns.

Under the Refrigerator: When

to one or more FlexRods, the lint brush also works great for cleaning out the debris from under the refrigerator or any hard to reach areas around your home.

Use Blockage Removal Tool for clearing er Downspouts” a) h the Blockage Removal Tool to a rod as b) Feed the fi rst rod with the tool up into the


of the downspout.

c) to add rods un l you reach the blockage. d) Use your hand or the drill to rotate “Clockwise” into the blockage it is cleared. The tool can also be used from the top as well.

What to do if the rods disconnect in the vent

If you accidently reverse the drill or rotate the rods “counter clockwise” by hand, the rods may disconnect leaving some of the rods and the brush inside the vent. Although this rarely happens, we have designed a “Retrieval Tool” to grab the brush and pull it out. It aches to your remaining rods and is used by hand without the drill. To obtain this tool, please contact us at: Phone: 203.985.0208


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