LintEater® Operator Manual | RLE202

If  There  is  “NO”  Airflow 

Step  4 

 Look for visual signs of a bird’s nest such as bird droppings by exterior vent hood. Also look for straw, leaves, twigs or anything else that is not lint inside the end of the vent. 

Step  5

If  there  is  a  bird’s  nest  or  other  blockage,  use  the  “Blockage  Removal  Tool”  to  remove  the  blockage.  a) Be sure that the dryer, vacuum or blower is turned OFF. b) Attach the Blockage Removal Tool to one of the flexible rods and insert into the vent, from the exterior, by hand. c) Add additional rods if necessary until you reach the blockage. d) Twist the rods in a clockwise direction while pushing the rods & tool into the blockage. e) When you have grabbed the

blockage, continue to twist the rods clockwise while you pull the blockage out of the vent. f) Repeat this process until the Blockage Tool can be pushed freely past the problem area.


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