NSI Stem Cell December 2017

December 2017


G ive B ack

To a Loved One With This Special Offer

cell procedures at 50 percent off . This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Here we are in the season of giving and hope — and now you can give the gift of rejuvenation to someone you love. Or you can give this incredible gift to yourself. NSI Stem Cell wants to help you give this gift of renewed life. Consider the people in your life — your spouse, a sibling, a parent, a good friend, and perhaps even yourself. Who do you know who can benefit from the power of stem cell therapy? The first 100 people who call us in response to this offer will be entered into a drawing for a stem cell therapy! You can call either to enter yourself or a loved one. The week before Christmas, we will announce the winners of the drawing. There will be two drawings. The first will be for one stem cell procedure at NO COST . The second drawing will be for three stem

holiday cheer. In this moment, you may be thinking about the loved ones in your life. You may be wanting to give back to the people who matter most to you — those who make you feel special and who you want to show your appreciation. You may even be making a list (and checking it twice), as you think about the perfect gifts to give. The act of giving — whether it’s giving a gift, giving back to your community, giving your time, or giving your love — is a reason why the holiday season brings out the best in people. More than any other time of the year, people give back in their own way. They want to make the holidays special for their loved ones. You’ve heard the saying, “It’s the thought that counts,” and that is so true. The thought behind a gift or act of kindness can mean the world to the person receiving it — and the gift of stem cell therapy is no different. Give us a call and let us know who you would like to include in this special drawing. Again, it’s open to the first 100 callers. Please note, our medical team must approve and clear the patient for therapy. We look forward to hearing from you. From all of us at NSI Stem Cell, have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

There is nothing better than to give the gifts of a renewed life and of renewed hope, helping a loved one take those first steps toward finding relief. At NSI, one of our primary goals is to improve the quality of life for people all over the country. Today’s health care system is not delivering the results people truly need to live on their terms. People can become trapped in a cycle of pain, medication, and surgery. But stem cell therapies are advancing every day to treat a vast number of conditions. From The first 100 people who call us in response to this offer will be entered into a drawing for a stem cell treatment!

diabetes to back pain, neuropathy to osteoarthritis, stem cell

therapy is giving people a new lease on life.

The simple fact is, the holiday season

brings out the best in people.

Joy is in the air as family and friends gather to celebrate, give thanks, and revel in

–Dr. Eric Edgerton

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