Fit 4 Life: 5 Simple Ways To Beat Knee Pain

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Almost all knee and leg pain can be attributed to the following issues: • Poor muscular strength • Imbalance of muscular strength with certain muscles

stronger and others weaker • Poor muscular coordination • Poor biomechanics of walking / running • Lack of flexibility

Don’t push through the pain While feeling a stretching sensation or muscle burn is a normal part of exercising, feeling pain is not. Sharp or dull pain should be paid attention to and not pushed through. Make sure you are doing adequate warming up prior to exercising as muscles and tissues require internal lubrication to work properly. Warming up brings natural fluids to the area to help with lubrication, improving elasticity and function. In addition, make sure to properly stretch after exercising to ensure that flexibility is maintained and gained. Are you still having knee pain after following these tips? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Fit 4 Life. We will improve your knee pain!

If you are experiencing knee pain, Fit 4 Life has a 95% success rate! Schedule an appointment today with the best quality therapist in Florida!

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