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The Wilderness Adventures of 2 Hooligans Flying Down Mountains and Getting Out-Fished by a Bear

About 10 years after that happened, I paid another visit to Bear’s Hump. As an adult, I returned to that beautiful place with Jeanelle. As we hiked up the path, Jeanelle recalled something she’d seen there years earlier. “You’re not going to believe this,” she said. “But when I was here about 10 years ago, these wild kids came crashing down the hill on bikes and almost hit me!” “Oh,” I said cautiously. “What did they look like?” I asked. “One had long brown hair, and the other had long blonde hair,” she replied. I paused. “Jeanelle,” I said. “That was my brother Bill and me.” Thank goodness she looked past my teenage sensibilities and married me! Extreme downhill biking wasn’t the only adventure Bill and I had in Waterton’s wilderness. We loved to fish, and one beautiful day, we found ourselves in a section of the park that crossed into Glacier National Park. There’s a series of three lakes there, and one of them lies halfway in Waterton and halfway in Glacier. It’s incredible. On this outing, we had our polyethylene kayaks. We fished in one lake and then carried our kayaks, which weren’t very heavy, to the third lake, Josephine Lake. Josephine is ahead of the glaciers

climbs almost 2,000 feet in that short distance. Given the steep terrain, Bill and I had a genius idea when we were about 13 and 14: We would haul our bikes up the Bear’s Hump and enjoy the thrilling ride down. Imagine two teenage boys, carrying their banana-seat bikes with big handlebars, winding up switchback after switchback. At the top, we hopped on and began to ride them (or, more accurately, attempted to steer them as gravity took over) down Bear’s Hump. People saw us coming from a distance and quickly got out of the way. We thought it was a great time, but I’m sure most of the hikers didn’t agree.

When we were growing up, my brother, Bill, and I spent a lot of time in Waterton National Park in Alberta, Canada. It’s a beautiful area full of lakes and wilderness, stretching across the plains and Rocky Mountains. Visitors come from all over the world to see the view from the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel and soak up the area’s natural beauty. As kids, we routinely fished, hiked, and explored this stunning environment. At the turnoff to the Prince of Wales Hotel, there’s a popular hike called Bear’s Hump, so named because it looks like the notorious hump of a grizzly bear from a distance. The hike is only about a mile and a half long, but it

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As it turned out, we weren’t the only ones who sensed this stream was swimming with fish. Out of the vegetation lumbered a young grizzly bear. We didn’t know he was there at first, but he surely knew we were. We looked upstream just in time to see the grizzly throw his massive paw into the stream and knock a 5-pound cutthroat out of the water. We could hardly believe our eyes (probably the same way the hikers felt during our bike escapade). We were far out in the water, so we were safe enough, but we remember the episode clearly; it was the time we got out-fished by a bear.

in a horseshoe area, and it creates a stunning view of the whole landscape. As the glaciers melt, they create numerous tributaries, and I just knew one of them had to have a lot of fish in it. I suggested to Bill that we make our way over to it. The vegetation here was very dense, and we couldn’t see much from stream to stream. We carried and then paddled our kayaks up close and threw our hooks in the stream about 30 feet from the shore. We were fishing cutthroat, a small type of trout. If you get a 2-pound fish, you’re doing pretty well. We caught half a dozen each in this stream, and we bubbled with pride. Bill caught a 3-pound that he had taxidermied.

The World’s First Dental Hygienist While many dental offices are named after the dentist, most will tell you that their hygienists are an essential part of their practice. In fact, patients often build the best relationships with their hygienists due to the frequency of their cleanings. Despite the significant role they play in modern practices, a lot of people might be surprised to learn that, compared to the overall origin of dentistry, the induction of hygienists into the industry is relatively recent. Fast-forward a century, and today’s hygienists can offer patients more treatment than the first “dental nurses” probably ever thought possible. They carry out their own minor procedures, including polishing and stain and tartar removal, and they can also conduct inspections to update the dentist of any upcoming issues. Many of them can also carry out the preliminary work for fitting braces or take molds of teeth before reconstructive surgery is performed.

All in all, both dentists and patients are fortunate that dental hygienists have taken such huge strides in their field over the last 100 years. Next time you see your hygienist, be sure to give them a big thanks for all they do!

“Dental nurses,” as they were known at the time, began to provide prophylaxis treatment as a means to prevent disease in the late 1880s. Then, in 1906, an Ohio dentist named Alfred C. Fones trained his assistant, Irene Newman, to act as an apprentice so she could scale and polish his patients’ teeth. Interestingly, Fones openly despised the title “dental nurse,” so he dubbed Newman the world’s first “dental hygienist.” By 1910, the Ohio College of Dental Surgery began offering a course for dental hygienists. Unfortunately, many of the existing dentists in the state strongly opposed the formal training school, so even though they had completed their coursework, hygienists struggled to find clinics where they could practice. While the school did eventually close a couple years later, Fones continued training on his own. In the end, he trained 97 dental hygiene students, all of whom were finally licensed and allowed to practice.

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Coming to the Dentist Can Be Fun! Our dental team works hard to provide excellent service to each person who walks through our door. It makes it extra special when a patient tells us what they loved about their experience, as Jilse did. was totaled correctly so that I had the maximum discount for our visit. Let me just say that this is where my family will be going for all our dental needs — no doubt about it.” –Jilse

“I am so impressed with this dental facility. My daughters and I just moved to Star Valley, so I set us up with dental appointments here back to back. From the minute we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly receptionist and then given a tour of the place. We were then told to help ourselves to a small area with popcorn, chips, and drinks. Wow! My daughters made themselves right at home. “The staff was friendly and kind to my kids while I was getting my dental cleaning. They were welcome to come into the back with me or go to the waiting room as they pleased. The dental hygienist took time to talk to my daughter and didn’t mind one bit that she was watching the whole cleaning process. “When the dentist came in, he took time to talk to me as a person, not just the usual teeth questions. He welcomed us to the area and told us about himself and his own family. He checked my teeth and determined I needed to have two cavities filled. He had the dental hygienist show me my teeth so I could see exactly where the cavities were and made me an appointment the very next day. I used a coupon to come here and the receptionists made sure that everything

Thank you for sharing your experience, Jilse!

We love hearing from you! In fact, we’ve made it easy for you to let Dr. Livingston and your hygiene team know what an awesome job they’re doing through our referral program . For every friend or family member you refer to us, you’ll be entered into our weekly, quarterly, and yearly contests! 1st referral = 3 tickets 2nd = 5 tickets 3rd = 10 tickets Plus, if you write us an online review, you’ll earn three tickets. Our yearly contest is coming up on May 30! This year’s prize is a 4-wheeler! You have until May 30 at 4 p.m. to make your referrals and earn your tickets. Good luck!

Puzzle Time! Opening Day Hamburgers Ingredients

Inspired by Saveur Magazine

• 4 small leaves iceberg lettuce • 4 1/4-inch-thick yellow onion slices • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil • Salt and pepper, to taste • Condiments of your choice

• 1 pound ground chuck, 80 percent lean • 4 soft, white hamburger buns, split • 4 1/4-inch-thick tomato slices • 12–16 pickle rounds


1. Lightly grease a small nonstick skillet with oil. Heat over medium-high. 2. While heating, gently shape meat into four patties 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Be careful to handle the meat as little as possible to prevent tough burgers. Season liberally with salt and pepper. 3. Sear patties on each side, about 1 minute per side. Reduce heat to medium- low and continue cooking until desired doneness, about 1 more minute per side for medium-rare, 2 more per side for medium-well. 4. Let meat rest for a minimum of 3 minutes. 5. To assemble, place patty on bottom bun and top with tomato, pickles, lettuce, and onion (in that order). Spread condiments on top half of bun and place on top of onion. Serve

Spring Butterfly Dandelion Mischief

Fool Showers Taurus Hoax

Rainbow Easter Prank Passover


on being named Top Dentist of Wyoming 2018!

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2 Wilderness Adventures

Who Was the World’s First Dental Hygienist?

Our Patients Say It Best Opening Day Hamburgers

3 Travel Myths Debunked

your gut and only stay somewhere that is approved by travel guides. Visit places you feel comfortable in, and do your research by reading travel blogs, websites, and books to find places that have been vetted by others. Traveling in groups can also be a great way to lower your risk of danger. As long as you plan ahead, you will have a safe trip. Myth: Jet lag is caused by a lack of sleep. FACT: While jet lag can make you sleepy, it’s actually caused by a disruption in your circadian rhythm. Our bodies are cyclical, and the circadian rhythm is set by both a natural need for your body to reset and outside forces, such as your job, time zone, and diet. Travel can disrupt this rhythm and routine, which leaves you lethargic during and after your vacation. Sticking to water before and during your flights and staying physically active during and after traveling are great ways to fight jet lag and get back into your normal rhythm. Don’t let these travel myths keep you from seeing the world. Set a budget, go with your gut, and prepare for a shifting rhythm to make your next adventure the best one yet.

on a Budget?

are great alternatives to spendy hotel stays. Additionally, you don’t have to cross the country to have a great trip. Every state has museums, unique roadside attractions, historical sites, and a booming nightlife. When you know your price limits and what you want to do, traveling can be a fun and inexpensive venture. Myth: Traveling is dangerous. FACT: If you’re smart about what you do and where you go, traveling can be safe. Go with

Traveling has many social and educational benefits, but some people have hesitations that prevent them from jetting off on new adventures. Below are three debunked travel myths to give you some ease as you plan your summer vacation! Myth: Vacations are expensive. FACT: You can travel anywhere on a budget. Tracking flights to score the best deal, setting spending limits, and packing meals are a few ways to save money. Hostels and Airbnbs 4 (307) 885-4337 |

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