Scrutton Bland Adviser Winter 2018

Tuition fees, debts and the fact that graduates are no longer guaranteed a job when they leave university have all affected the way that many school leavers are viewing the prospect of university. O ver the last three years the Scrutton Bland Group has been experiencing a period of significant business growth expanding employee numbers by 28% since 2015, and this growth doesn’t look like its going to stop any time soon. Recognising that university is not for everyone, each year Scrutton Bland offers A-level leavers the chance to start work, whilst at the same time study for professional qualifications.

Opportunities to join the 2019 student intake are currently open. For further information on how to make the leap into a professional career, students can contact Debbie Petrie on 0330 058 6559 or email

“We have had a number of success stories within our organisation where young people have joined us on trainee or apprenticeship schemes and are now forging ahead with their professional careers” said Debbie Petrie, HR Manager at Scrutton Bland. “We know that university is not for everyone, and that some young people are ready to start work whilst they study for professional exams. ‘Earn while you learn’ can be a great way to both get a foot on the career ladder and work toward professional qualifications. If anyone is unsure of what they want to do next after A- levels, I would recommend they get consider a school leaver programme.”

In a drive to attract and recruit the talent required to keep up with this growth the firm is looking to school leavers as a talent pool for the next generation of young professionals.

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