826 ad󰇽󰇪󰈦t󰇷 This is how many job adverts our recruiters posted on various platforms in 2017.

102 960 li󰇹󰈦󰇪s This is how many litres of oxygen would a NATEK forest produce daily, if every employee planted a tree.

334 ki󰇰󰈢󰈪r󰈜󰇲󰈤 This is the total weight of fruits people from Kosice office have eaten since January (due to Healthy Wednesday initiative).

31,46% This is the percentage of women working in NATEK. Pretty good for an IT company, right?

3428 ki󰇰󰈢󰈩󰈥t󰇶e󰈤 That long the trip from Sofia to Gdańsk office would be, if you also wanted to visit all the NATEK branches along the way.


Spe󰈛󰇮󰈜󰇱 s󰈛󰈦e󰇪n󰇯󰇳󰈪 of “War Dog󰇷” co󰇲󰇪󰈨y 󰇯󰇳 Ki󰈡󰈢 Us󰇲e󰇾, Kos󰇮󰈛󰈥. Our 󰇹󰇪󰈜󰈩s 󰇬a󰈨 t󰇬󰇪 󰈟h󰈣󰇰e ci󰇳󰇪󰈩󰈜 to 󰇹󰇭󰇪m󰇷󰈥󰇱ve󰇷. Fo󰈢d an󰈧 󰈨r󰇮󰇳󰈬s 󰇯󰇳󰈝lu󰈧󰇪󰈨!

Cel󰇪󰇨󰈦󰈜ti󰇳󰈪 In󰇹e󰈦n󰇧󰇹󰇯o󰈡󰇧l Wom󰇪󰇳’s Da󰈂, Mar󰈛󰇭 8t󰇬. We s󰇧󰇰󰇼󰇺e y󰈢󰇼 󰈧e󰇧󰈦 w󰈣󰇲e󰈡 of NA󰈓󰈺󰉀!

Te󰇧m 󰇨󰈦󰈥ak󰈇󰇧󰈤t󰇷 󰇯󰈡 Pra󰇫󰇻󰈥 & Bra󰇹󰇮󰈤l󰈜󰇽a. Hm󰇲󰈩, de󰇰󰇮󰈝󰇯o󰇻s!!


Div󰇮󰇳󰈪 s󰇹󰈣󰈦y o󰈇 A󰈨r󰇮󰈜󰇳a L󰇮󰇵s󰈫󰈜, NA󰈓󰈺󰉀 Fin󰇧󰇳󰈝󰇯al S󰇪󰇶󰇾󰇯ce󰇷 M󰇧󰈡󰈜ge󰇶 󰇮󰈡 Br󰈜󰇹i󰈤l󰇧󰇽󰈜

Her adventure with diving started by accident. Adriana was visiting one of the expo when she noticed a special offer for an open water diving course. Shortly after , she obtained her first diving certificate. Soon enough, she decided to move to a place where she was able to fully develop her new passion. Adriana relocated to Australia for the period of 2,5 years. Surrounded by colorful Pacific she was enjoying her Australian experience by diving in such amazing places as Great Barrer Reef or Vanuatu. She had a chance to swim with sharks and seals, as well as snorkel with turtles or blue groper. After going back to Slovakia, she continued with her passion using every holiday opportunity to do some diving. Two years ago she bonded with a professional diving organiser and started diving in lakes close to Bratislava. She also took a rescue diver’s course. This was the time when she bought her first dry suit, yet she started to prepare herself for a much more challenging journey. After the intense training sessions, going through various protocols and scenarious (including diving in a lake at night with no light on), she was finally ready for a true cave diving. Her dream came true October last year when she cave dived in France.

Adrianna: „I was really looking forward to that trip and "real" caves. And caves are really amazing, despite all that hassle carrying heavy equipment to the entrance, crossing the river upward, climbing the ladder down and up , once you are in, and swimming, enjoying,.. it is amazing.” Here you can admire some photos from Adriana’s adventures (trainings, lakes, and diving trips). Adriana, we admire your passion and wish you many more adventures with a safe return home



Mon󰇮󰈫󰈜 Ge󰇱󰇪t󰈫󰈣󰇾a PIM -> Junior Analyst PMO Back Office

Joz󰇪󰈇 󰈈󰇯a󰈝󰈢v󰇷󰈬y PIM -> SDM Disconnection Project

Sta󰇳󰈢 󰈑󰈥󰇺ru󰇷 Project Management Consultant / TL -> SDM AT&T Shell Project

Ale󰈀󰇧󰈡d󰇶󰈜 S󰈬om󰈢󰇶󰇼󰈝ho󰇽󰇧 PIM Disconnection –> PIM Shell Account

Tom󰇧󰇷 󰉍󰈬r󰈜󰈫 Technical Writer -> Implementation Engineer

Ale󰈀󰇧󰈡d󰇶󰈜 Hu󰈨󰇧k󰈣󰇽a Technical Writer -> PIM

Kar󰇮󰇳 󰈐󰈥󰈦ne󰇶󰈢󰇾󰈜 Technical Writer -> Request Desk Analyst

B :


Ale󰈀󰇧󰈡d󰇶󰇼 Vi󰈪n󰇮󰈧󰈥 Team Leader for DXC consultants

Mar󰇮󰈜󰇳 A󰇩ra󰇬󰇧󰈩 Team Leader for JCL in Bratislava

Iga P󰇶󰈄y󰇨󰈠łow󰇷󰈬󰇧 Recruitment Team Manager -> Group Recruitment Manager

An󰈧󰈦ze󰈅 O󰈤m󰇧󰇳 IT Partnership and Business Developer -> Sales Business Partner

G :

Lin󰈧󰇧 󰈌󰈦󰇯m󰇲i󰇻󰈤 HR Business Partner -> Service Delivery Manager

Pi󰈢t󰇶 󰈈󰈣󰈪us󰈃 Service Delivery Manager -> QA Service Project Lead

K :

Ewe󰇰󰇮󰈡󰈜 Gro󰇲󰈬󰇮󰈥wi󰈛󰈄 Senior IT Recruiter -> Recruitment Team Leader

Rom󰇧󰇯󰇳 Re󰇩󰈢󰇼r Business Development Manager -> Sales Manager

Kr󰈃󰈠s󰈃󰇺of S󰈃󰈬la󰇶󰈄󰇪w󰇯󰈛󰈄 Team Coordinator for Tieto consultants


G  :

Mon󰇮󰈫󰈜 Ge󰇱󰇪t󰈫󰈣󰇾a PIM -> Junior Analyst PMO Back Office

Joz󰇪󰈇 󰈈󰇯a󰈝󰈢v󰇷󰈬y PIM -> SDM Disconnection Project

Sta󰇳󰈢 󰈑󰈥󰇺ru󰇷 Project Management Consultant / TL -> SDM AT&T Shell Project

Lin󰈧󰇧 󰈌󰈦󰇯m󰇲i󰇻󰈤 HR Business Partner -> Service Delivery Manager

Pi󰈢t󰇶 󰈈󰈣󰈪us󰈃 Service Delivery Manager -> QA Service Project Lead

B :

K :

Ren󰇧󰇹󰈜 C󰈄ułno IT Recruiter

Dan󰇮󰈥󰇰 Ka󰈩󰇮ńs󰈫i Service Delivery Manager

Bi󰇧n󰈛󰈜 Fa󰈦c󰇧󰇷 Junior IT Recruiter


New 󰇨󰇪󰈡󰈥fit󰇷 󰈝om󰇮󰇳󰈪 t󰈣 t󰇬e 󰈢ffi󰈝󰈥 ne󰇧󰇶 󰈠󰈣u

Bul󰇫󰇧󰈦󰇯a Cze󰈛󰇭 󰉊󰇪p󰇼󰇨󰇱ic Slo󰇽󰇧󰈬󰇯a MultiSport Card and access to Benefit Plus – Caferelia platform

Pol󰇧󰇳󰈨 Life insurance package and access to Benefit Plus – Caferelia platform

K &K

I’ve been here in Košice since I started working for NATEK in October 2016. But my job was not the reason I came to Slovakia in the first place – my wife is Slovak. We met online playing World of Warcraft and I’ve lived with her in this country for the last 8 years. I originally come from Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey. The city has a population of 6 million people, so more than whole Slovakia. The difference is obvious, but I don’t mind it. There is a bright side to everything - not many people around means less waiting or less cars in the streets. I also like the new scenery – after 20 years Ankara gets a little bit boring. (smile)

I also like how the cities are built in Slovakia. There‘s a system. The Old Town is still there and everything else is build around it. I like Kosice, it is a nice city. If I should recommend something special to see, I would go with Košice ZOO. It‘s one of the greatest I’ve ever seen. Overall, I would rate the living here pretty high. Coming from Turkey I am able to appreciate things, that may seem normal to the natives. And who knows, maybe Slovakia is the final stop for me. Barlas Kuntay Akyol Software Maintenance Engineer NATEK Kosice


New 󰇴󰈢󰈤󰇯ti󰈢󰇳󰈤 󰈣pe󰇳! Ap󰇴󰇱y o󰇶 󰈦󰇪f󰈥󰇶:

Sales Manager Location: Wrocław, Poland Recruiter: joanna.pejo@natek.pl DevOps Engineer Location: Gdynia, Poland

Senior Software Developer Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Recruiter: hyulia.bekir@natek.bg

Embedded Developer Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Recruiter: hyulia.bekir@natek.bg Java Developer Location: Warsaw, Poland Recruiter: aleksandra.bienkowska@natek.pl DevOps Engineer Location: Warsaw, Poland Recruiter: krystina.tovpina@natek.pl IT Analyst Location: Warsaw, Poland Recruiter: krystina.tovpina@natek.pl Sales Manager Location: Warsaw, Poland Recruiter: joanna.pejo@natek.pl DevOps Engineer Location: Wrocław, Poland Recruiter: krystina.tovpina@natek.pl

Recruiter: recruiter: krystina.tovpina@natek.pl Project Manager-Network Configuration Location: Bratislava & Kosice, Slovakia Recruiter: bianca.farcas@natek.sk Windows Administrator-Active Directory Location: Bratislava & Kosice, Slovakia Recruiter: bianca.farcas@natek.sk Service Delivery Manager Location: Bratislava, Slovakia Recruiter: joanna.pejo@natek.pl Windows Administrator Location: Kosice, Slovakia Recruiter: barbora.hrebenarova@natek.cz Integration Engineer Location: Prague, Czech Republic Recruiter: barbora.hrebenarova@natek.cz

Referral programme


AT&T New deals with AT&T Sales as well as Programme and Project Management organizations were signed this year, creating space for close to 20 additional headcounts in our Delivery Centre in Kosice. We have been working with AT&T in Kosice since 2011 and this year we even strengthened our bond! We currently have 6 projects for this client – all of them delivered from our DC Kosice – and a total of over 150 employees working on them in 17 teams. AT&T is a global leader in communication, media and entertainment, and technology that provides a wide range of services, including high-speed Internet, telephone services and entertainment solutions.


There are over 1,300 cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether. The total value of all cryptocurrencies in the world will hit $1 trillion in 2018.

By 2020, 75% of the world will own a smartphone. Mobile transactions could grow 15 times, from $1 trillion today to upwards of $15 trillion by 2020.


S󰉁O󰈳󰈸K󰈾A: Slovak Food Festival 24-27/05, The grounds of Bratislava Castle

PO󰉁󰈸󰉅D: Jay-Z & Beyonce on concert 30/09/2018, The National Stadium Warsaw

C󰉐E󰈯H 󰉊󰈺󰉉󰈲B󰉁I󰈯: Prague Museum Night Museums and cultural institutions in Prague will open their doors to visitors at an unusual time. Entry is free of charge. 09/06/2018 19:00 – 23:00

BU󰉁󰈽󰈸R󰈾A: Rag’n Bone Man on concert 09/05/2018, Shipchenski Prohod 2, Sofia


NATEK CERTIFIED WITH ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001 helps organizations ensure their customers consistently receive top level products and services. Achieving certification means that NATEK follows highest standards of delivery, fulfills regulatory requirements and meets even the highest expectations of our clients. Ok, so we know we’ve got our customers covered. But what about us, employees? While people want to have security at work, most employees also want the day-to-day comfort. Engaging all of us in the processes of the Quality Management System can improve our job satisfaction. It comes from doing work that you find to be worthwhile. Learning and developing the skills to perform process improvements is yet another skill that can enhance the job satisfaction of employees through all levels of the company as well as motivation and value of their work. Improvements to the process

will invariably lead to improvements of the jobs being performed. The tasks that employees do will become easier to do and often inherently safer for the employees. Improved safety and easier job tasks can also improve the satisfaction that an employee has with their job and reduce workplace accidents and injuries. A safer employee is a happier employee.

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