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Facing Reality What to Expect From Your Controlling Spouse in the Divorce It’s a harsh truth to face: The worst qualities you saw in your spouse during marriage will most likely be amplified in the divorce. If they were obsessed with money before, they may go to extremes to keep as much of it as possible. If they kept financial secrets from you during the marriage, they likely will continue to keep them, forcing you to obtain this information before the divorce. It may not be easy, but you can be ready to fight for what you need. Many of our clients are women who’ve been in an abusive marriage. Their husband has controlled and manipulated them, and they’re finally finding the strength to leave. Maybe they’re used to seeing the best in people, and maybe you are too. But if it’s time to leave, you need to be honest with yourself about your husband’s tendencies, so you can set yourself up for the divorce as best as you can. You might need to acknowledge the biggest and saddest reality: If your husband lacked the ability to care about you or others during the marriage, he’s not going to suddenly wake up and do the right thing during the divorce. You will have to accept these realities, so you can get what you need from the divorce and be able to eventually move on. Know that you are not doomed or destined for failure because your husband is a difficult person. There are strategies for dealing with people like him, and we have the resources to help you identify them. Visit controlling-husband to learn more. If you can accept and plan for the fact that your spouse’s behavior may worsen during the divorce, you will be much more likely to get divorced sooner and on fair terms. The people who are here to help you do this will be able to account for the realities of your situation and come up with the best legal strategies to deal with your husband.


There’s nothing like taking a dip in a nearby pond, lake, or even the ocean. For many, it’s a summertime tradition. However, swimming in open bodies of water brings certain safety risks, as these environments are not nearly as controlled as public, club, or backyard pools. Everyone should follow these tips to have a fun and safe time cooling off under the summer sun. NEVER SWIM ALONE. When you swim in virtually any body of water, having someone there to keep an eye on you can be a lifesaver: the more people, the better. Stick to bodies of water with a professional lifeguard on duty when possible, though that’s not always an option. When swimming in open bodies of water, have a “designated spotter” to keep an eye on the swimmers. This way, you’re prepared if anything bad happens. It’s also a great idea to keep flotation devices nearby, such as life jackets, life rings, foam boards, etc. KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING INTO. Sometimes, it’s next to impossible to see what’s under the surface of the water. If you are unfamiliar with a body of water, don’t jump or dive in without knowing how deep it is. If you cannot confirm what is under the surface (and the spot is not a known diving location), don’t risk it. It may be okay to swim or wade, but jumping is out of the question. Along these same lines, be VERY careful around bodies of slow-moving or standing water. These can house dangerous microbes and other contaminants that can make you ill and potentially be deadly. WATCH FOR RIP CURRENTS. These can occur at any beach without warning. They pull swimmers away from shore and are strong enough that even excellent swimmers struggle to get through them. In fact, rip currents are behind nearly 80% of beach rescues. Keep an eye on the foam at the surface of the water. If it seems to suddenly pull away from the beach, there’s a good chance a rip current is lurking beneath. If you find yourself in a rip current, it’s crucial to remain calm and avoid expending energy by swimming directly back to shore. Instead, try swimming parallel to the shore until you’re out of the current.

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