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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT From the President’s Office

Are you searching for the next step?

You completed your first year at the Bible Institute. You constructed a foundation of biblical knowledge, discerned how to approach your own spiritual growth, and discovered the sweetness of creating community. But now what? How do you take these lessons into your next step of life? In the second year of the Bible Institute, we build on the foundation of your freshman year. Through specific, in- depth classes about local ministry, international ministry, church history, and other religions and cultures, we seek to further prepare you to understand methods of living out your faith well. We want to equip you with skills and an understanding of how to best love and serve a deeply hurting world.

Give us another year, and we will give you more opportunities for Jesus to work in and through your life.

We hope you’ll consider rejoining us for another transformative year!

If you believe this could be the right choice for you, keep reading. ROGER PEACE President, Word of Life Bible Institute


WHY SECOND YEAR MATTERS After Jesus taught and discipled His followers, He then called them to a radical life of faithful ministry. That’s what the second year at Word of Life Bible Institute aims to do—to equip students to follow the Lord wherever He calls them next. With a strong foundation of faith already in place from first year, returning students will be handed the tools and knowledge needed to begin and grow their own ministry impact during their second year. If the first year at the Bible Institute was like clearing the land, setting the foundation and pouring the cement, the second year is like adding the walls, insulating the rooms and finishing the roof. We don’t want any of our students to leave their house unfinished. It’s our hope that students will return to Word of Life Bible Institute for a second year not only to gain valuable ministry training but also to take advantage of endless opportunities to continue living it out. Imagine this...


WHAT STUDENTS GET Classes are more challenging, knowledge and understanding grow deeper, and studies are more rigorous during second year at the Bible Institute. Second year also includes practical classes to provide tools in all areas of ministry – such as Christian counseling, youth work, marriage, family life, and so much more. Students leave these practical classes with an understanding of their faith like never before. Second year at the Bible Institute also comes with many special opportunities, including Missions Reality, and another opportunity to join the Israel Study Tour. Some of the most exceptional parts of the Word of Life experience are the Godly friendships created by the Bible Institute’s unique and familial community culture. Second year gives students an opportunity to both foster new relationships and further deepen relationships created during their first year. These lifelong friendships are a huge benefit to the Bible Institute as a whole, and an especially great part of second year.

MISSIONS REALITY Missions Reality is a 10-day international trip designed specifically for Word of Life Bible Institute sophomores. Missions Reality helps prepare students for a life of service to the Lord through a combination of classroom teaching and field experience. Prior to the trip, students must complete a brief course on the history of missions in order to better understand the last 150 years of missions and the student volunteer movement, and on the trip, they will take part in practical application of all they have learned alongside full-time missionaries on the field.

ISRAEL STUDY TOUR The Israel Study Tour is an annual trip that takes travelers on a journey through biblical history, with visits to more than 40 historical sites. During this trip, students get to see places where Jesus taught, take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and experience the latest in Bible archeology—all while growing their faith in the land where Christ walked the earth. Please note that this trip is limited to 40 participants.


ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS In order to be accepted to Second Year at the Bible Institute, the Admissions Department requires a few things from you:

• Completion of first year with a 2.0 cumulative GPA • Ensure payment of first year bill • Signed intent to return form

Students who wish to attend second year but don’t meet the above admissions requirements can contact Admissions at 1.800.331.9673 or for help with their account. We will do everything we can to help you become eligible for second year!

For more information about second year, please visit . FINANCIAL AID

If we had to guess, we’d say that financial concerns are probably one of the biggest items holding students back from committing to a second year at the Bible Institute. We understand. That’s why we want the second year to be just as accessible as the first year.

Below we have outlined steps students can take to ensure a low tuition bill:

1. Update your FAFSA to be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant, Stafford loans, grants, and Plus loans. The federal code for Word of Life Bible Institute is 011859. 2. Fill out a Word of Life Bible Institute scholarship application for second year. Students with a cumulative 3.0 GPA from fall and spring semesters are eligible for a $1,000 academic scholarship for second year. 3. Qualify for the Summer Institute of Camping Scholarship. In order to get this $1000 award, you must complete your freshman summer ministry and commit to completing your sophomore summer ministry at a Word of Life approved camp or ministry.


I have been teaching at Word of Life each spring for almost a decade. In that time my appreciation for Word of Life has grown deeper each year. Word of Life stands on the authority of the Word of God and develops students with a passion for the sharing of the Gospel with others. You can trust that their camps and Bible Institutes exalt Christ and draw students closer to Jesus. Cedarville and Word of Life are great partners with similar missions to disciple students for godly service and great commission impact. From the highest levels of leadership to the students in the classroom, Word of Life has my profound respect and deep appreciation for their faithful commitment to further the Kingdom of God.”

– DR. THOMAS WHITE President of Cedarville University


COURSES YOU WILL TAKE Sophomore Courses: Apologetics and Worldview Historical Theology Public Speaking and Preaching

Ministry of the Local Church Old Testament Exposition II World Religions

Christian Disciplines III Cross Cultural Studies Dispensationalism Hermeneutics II

New Testament Exposition II Philosophy of Youth Ministry Principles of Leadership Marriage and the Family Christian Disciplines IV Ministry Practicum II


BEYOND THE BIBLE INSTITUTE Completing the second year opens up students’ futures like never before. Upon graduation, these students have several different options for how they can move into a ministry field or set out to finish their degree, and we walk every step of the way with them. Some students enroll in a traditional college or university following the Bible Institute. Below is a list of several schools that have accepted transfers and granted credit for Word of Life Bible Institute coursework in the past. Many of them also offer a Word of Life Bible Institute graduate scholarship.

• Liberty University • Cedarville University • Appalachian Bible College • Summit University • Cairn University • Trinity Baptist College • Calvary University • Lancaster Bible College • And many more!

Second Year graduates can also take advantage of several Word of Life Bible Institute programs to help begin their ministry right away. Some of these programs include our Cross-Cultural Internship (CCI) Program, Youth Ministry Internship Program and Resident Leader Program.

See next page for more info about Word of Life Bible Institute programs



Cross Cultural Internship Program Upon completion of second year, students have the opportunity to take their faith even deeper with our two-year Cross Cultural Internship. Through this opportunity, individuals will serve in an international community for two years while completing their four-year degree via online classes through schools such as Liberty University or Summit University at a highly discounted tuition rate. The CCI Program combines education and impact for a truly unforgettable experience. Youth Ministry Internship Program The Youth Ministry Internship is a way for second year graduates to gain ministry experience by serving alongside a youth pastor, youth worker or children’s ministry worker in a local church setting. Interns will raise support, complete training and serve in a location determined by Word of Life Bible Institute for two years. Through this opportunity, students will serve in a local community for two years while completing their four-year degree via online classes through schools such as Liberty University or Summit University at a highly discounted tuition rate. Resident Leader Program The Resident Leader Program allows second year graduates to stick around for another year or two and work at the Bible Institute. Resident leaders work 40 hours a week in various departments (office, kitchen, maintenance, marketing, transportation and more) and live on campus. During this time, each resident leader also has the opportunity to complete certain online classes at a discounted rate, as well as be involved in their own Bible studies, activities and student discipleship.

To learn more about the Bible Institute’s internships and work opportunities, check out


DAVIS COLLEGE Word of Life Bible Institute and Davis Fast Facts

• Experience Word of Life Bible Institute and earn your degree through Davis College • Attain your Bachelors of Religious Education with an Emphasis in Christian Ministries at Word of Life’s beautiful New York campus • Receive unique leadership opportunities through the Davis College program

• Hone your skills with Ministry Assignments tailored to you • Upperclassmen not required to participate in study hours • Lighter, more focused classload • Experience incredible classes such as: -- Fundamentals of Counseling with Joe Schenke -- Advanced Counseling with Joe Schenke -- Elements of Greek I and II with Paul Weaver -- English Composition I and II with Britney Sewall -- General Psychology with Joanna Oster • Earn 27 credits your junior year and 25 credits your senior year • Cost Breakdown: -- Total Cost per year: $25,000 -- Word of Life Transfer Scholarship: $9,000 -- You Pay: $16,000


TAYLOR’S STORY “Why don’t you come back for second year?”

I will never forget sitting in that chair, scrambling for excuses. It had been two long and difficult years since I finished my first year at the Bible Institute, and I was back on campus visiting some friends who had recently become interns at Word of Life. One of whom just happened to be an admissions counselor. A really, really good one.

I’ll be honest. I was terrified. I didn’t like where this was going.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled with my current life situation, but I had little interest in uprooting and “starting over.” My walk with the Lord was far from thriving, but was this really the answer? I skeptically began to pray about going back to the Bible Institute for another year of classes. I had a lengthy list of all the reasons why this would be a terrible idea, and I made sure to explain each of them (in great detail!) to God as I prayed. I’m sure He found it quite amusing. But the Lord works in mysterious ways—ways which I do not understand, in order to bring about a plan that I can’t yet see. In the fall of 2012, I checked into South America dorm to begin my sophomore year at the Bible Institute. That year radically changed my life in ways I never could have planned for myself. In just one year the Lord blessed me with lifelong friendships, sharpened my mind, healed my heart and opened countless doors for future ministry opportunities. That year I received a solid foundation of truth that will carry over into the next chapter of my life. I was able to connect with and learn from missionaries and

teachers from all over the world. And through it all, I gained hands- on ministry experience and racked up academic credits that easily transferred into the online program I used to finish my degree. If I would have let all my excuses rule my decisions, I would have missed out on all that God wanted to do in me.

Are you feeling confused about your next step, too? Does Taylor’s story sound a little too familiar? We hope you will take the time to seek the Lord in prayer and ask Him to reveal His desires to you. 12

THE NEXT STEP Are you ready to be challenged? To visit new places?

To make friends from around the world? To grow like never before? Hear from even more alumni on just how formative Second Year was for them...

First year was a lot of learning and knowing what the Bible says. Second year was a lot more applicational. It was like Okay, what did you learn in first year? Let’s apply that. Let’s take what you were taught in classes, and let’s actually see what it’s like to live it out daily. My DC and I met every Monday, and he always asked me ‘How are you applying what you’re learning? How are you taking what you’re learning that day and using it that night, that weekend?’ What am I doing to help the kids when we had Snowcamp? How am I turning that around and not just applying it to myself, but applying it to my roommates, my suitemates, people in my dorm, the kids we had for Snowcamp? How am I not just hearing it but living it? I chose to do Davis after second year because it’s really affordable. But also, it’s because I wasn’t ready to leave the Word of Life atmosphere. The amount of turnaround between what you learn in class to what you can use that afternoon is crazy. – Kamin S.

My second year summer ministry definitely made my year unique and so special. I had the privilege of serving at the Word of Life Wild with program, and I would not trade it for anything. I learned so much about ministry and what it looks like to be a servant leader. My boss was also a good friend of mine, and God really used him to teach me how to love Jesus better. It was a leadership role I never thought that I wanted, and if I had not done second year I never would have had the chance to experience such amazing life change, both in myself and in others. – Alyssa H.

Second year really helped me to grow in my relationship with the Lord. I started to make my faith my own. I learned that on both my good and bad days, I am always in need of God and He is always there to love and accept me – even when others don’t. –Stacy W.



SECOND YEAR AT WORD OF LIFE BIBLE INSTITUTE IS WAITING FOR YOU. If you are a returning Bible Institute student, indicate your intent to return at the Enrollment Office . Your intent will need to be approved by the Student Life, Business, and Academic departments. Following that, you can begin completing your FAFSA and start the scholarship application to qualify for second year scholarships.


If you’ve never attended the Bible Institute before, begin your first year application online at . Our admissions team will walk you through every step of the process from start to finish.

For any questions you might have, simply visit the Enrollment Office or contact your admissions counselor.




4200 Glendale Rd Pottersville, NY 12860



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