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Well, it finally happened. I’m turning 52 this month, and my midlife crisis has struck. I’ve gone and bought myself not one but two motorcycles — one for the city and one for cruising. The Houston Motorcycle Exchange gave me a great price so I could get riding right away. In fact, as of the very morning I’m writing this, I’ve officially earned the M certification of my license, meaning I’m clear to hit the open road! Of course, if I’m being honest, this isn’t my first time riding. Years and years ago, the day before my wedding, my buddies and I went climbing at Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg. One of my friends had taken his motorcycle up from Houston, but he wasn’t feeling up to riding all the way back down south. So I said, “Why not?” and volunteered to ride it back while he took my place in the car. I’ll never forget that first ride, heading down long stretches of Texas highway, feeling the freedom of the open air and the exhilaration of the asphalt rushing by beneath my feet. Put simply, it was just a lot of fun. But I didn’t make the call to get a ride of my own until I sat down with a client of mine last year. This was in Washington D.C., and I was speaking with a member of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. We’d both served our country and started swapping stories until, eventually, motorcycling came up. We bonded over riding, which is when he brought up the CVMA. The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is a national group

made up of members who served in all branches of the U.S. armed forces who love to ride as a hobby. With the moto “vets helping vets,” the CVMA is a great group of former service members who have taken it upon themselves to support one another through a shared love of motorcycles. They aren’t a motorcycle club — I’m not about to go all “Sons of Anarchy” here. I’m just happy to have a great group of people who can rekindle my passion for the hobby and show me some great routes through our beautiful state and maybe beyond. At the time of writing, I’m in the process of joining Chapter 23-4 of the CVMA, and I hope to be a full-fledged member by the time this

mails. I’ve already been contacted by my mentor in the association, a gentleman by the name of T-Rex. One thing’s for certain, I’m entering a brave new world. So, whether this is a midlife crisis or just the rekindling of a passion I had since my 20s, I don’t mind. We all need a little fun in our lives. A lot of parents express to me that they “don’t know what they’ll do” after their kids all go off to college. While my answer isn’t going to be “learn to ride a motorcycle,” it’s going to be in that spirit. Think back to the hobbies, arts, or simple joys you enjoyed in your youth. Rediscovering such joys can be one wild ride.

Here’s to 52,

–Bra nnon Lloyd

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