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$0 copays + coverage that cares Some of our plans give you access to benefits for $0 when your care is provided by in-network doctors and hospitals.

Prescription drug coverage

Our list of covered drugs To help keep your costs low, our plans cover safe and effective drugs on Medica's List of Covered Drugs. Your cost will depend on which tier your drug belongs to.

$0 primary care Get the care you need when you’re sick or hurt, always with a $0 copay. 1



Preferred generic




$0 preventive care Receive your annual wellness exam, preventive services, and vaccines for $0. 2



Preferred brand

$0 mental health + individual therapy visits The space you need to get the support for whatever life throws your way. 1



Non-preferred brand




$0 urgent care Avoid the ER waiting room and get the quick care you need for $0. Win-win. 1

Insulin coverage You'll pay no more than $25 for insulin per prescription per month when you fill it at a network pharmacy.

$0 preferred generic drugs Hundreds of $0 drugs on our list. 3

90-day refill options Your doctor can prescribe 90-day supplies of certain medications. Talk to your doctor about this option for you. Once prescribed, pick it up at a network pharmacy – or have it sent through our mail- order pharmacy at no extra cost when you use standard shipping.

Want more info? We can easily sign you up, too. Call us at 1 (866) 298-3090.

Search the drug list or find a pharmacy To apply your benefits to a prescription on our drug list, you need to visit a network pharmacy. Our network includes more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains and thousands of independent pharmacies. See what drugs are covered or find a network pharmacy by using Medica.com/ShopAZPlans-23.

1 Offered with Medica Pinnacle Silver and Bronze Copay $0 PCP plans only. 2 Preventive services as defined by the ACA. If your doctor does extra tests, follow-up appointments, and treatments, you may have additional costs. 3 Offered with Medica Pinnacle Gold Copay plan only.

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