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and acidify the stomach for proper digestion and absorption. The arthritis drug Celebrex was almost pulled from the market about 15 years ago, as it was associated with over 600,000 cardiac events. It was allowed to remain on the market in 2005 with a black box warning, meaning risk of death, because the risk was considered acceptable by the FDA. Lyrica, as an example, was approved for epilepsy but is “off labeled” for pain. We see the chronic use of these drugs commonly in patients seeking relief from musculoskeletal pain. • Consider switching to a healthy ketogenic intermittent fasting eating plan. Pick up your reference guide at my office. It’s an anti- inflammatory eating plan that reduces insulin responses and helps you manage weight, fatigue, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar while helping to minimize future health risks. • Reduce the chronic use of antacids by using our cost effective, whole food supplement line, Standard Process , which enhances digestion and absorption. I strongly success you call to schedule a Personalized Nutrition Assessment to find out what exact nutrition your body needs and to confirm your individual dosage. The cost for established patients is $75. • Continue to get adjusted to balance your spine and joints. This increases the function of your nervous system and enhances your overall health. Remember, there are effective alternatives to the increasing overutilization and marketing of drugs. We need to do something different to break the downward decline in public health and in your health. Even the AMA agrees! Chiropractic adjustments and the lifestyle changes you make impact the quality of your health and life! I encourage you to make a list of any health complaints you have, and I will be happy to discuss alternatives at your next visit to the office. THE SOLUTION • Incorporate regular exercise doing something you enjoy.

Georgette and I don’t watch much TV, but we do have a few favorite shows. One of our favorites is “CBS Sunday Morning.” We curl up with our Bulletproof coffees for our weekly dose of music, art, travel, history, and human-interest stories. The show is generally good news. One thing I’ve noticed is that almost every ad is a drug ad. I guess we’ve fallen into that demographic! Eek! You know, there are only two countries that allow drug advertising to the general public. They are New Zealand and the United States. The drug companies spend over $4.5 billion per year driving the demand for the latest and, generally, most expensive drugs to the public. It has gotten so intense that even the American Medical Association (AMA) in its recent meeting in Atlanta called for a reduction in the pressure to push what they describe as consumer-driven demand for the most expensive treatment. From the last several newsletters, you’ll recall that I am very interested in informing you of alternatives to this drug system. The United States, at 5% of the world’s population, consumes close to 70% of the world’s drugs. Yet, by all measures, the United States ranks at the bottom of all industrial nations tracked by the World Health Organization. This is a pretty obvious problem. Now, please realize that chiropractors are not necessarily anti-drug, as some drugs can save your life. However, when every tested drug shows up in your tap water and fish in the Great Lakes have antidepressants showing up in their brains, you know we’ve got a problem. A majority of the most lucrative drugs advertised are lifestyle related. With Type 2 diabetes anticipated to become an epidemic along with its associated problems like high blood pressure, obesity, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, GERD/heartburn, and high cholesterol, this fact is not lost on Big Pharma. The drugs for digestive upsets are epidemic. They are called proton-pump inhibitors — think Nexium, Prilosec, etc. The idea is to lower stomach acid, but this is not the problem. It’s too little acid, not too much! Who knew!? The stomach will not digest, and the stomach valve will not close when there is too little acid (an acidic pH below 3). These drugs contribute to the decline in American health with direct links to heart disease, anemia, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. We use inexpensive Standard Process products to coat the stomach for healing THE CONSEQUENCES OF INACTION THE PROBLEM

–Dr. Paul Braadt




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