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Chinese Dining

Classic and personalized dining with a Shangri-La touch

1. When guests call for reservations, we will build anticipation by mentioning seasonal special dishes or signature dishes and enquire about special menu requirements (Preparing guests for our special cuisine begins with the reservation call, and sends a signal of pride in our kitchen. This also helps us highlight our innovation.) 2. Our greeters will be attentively positioned at the entry, greeting guests immediately, not from behind podiums or counters (This simply means that we stand in front of our restaurants, waiting to greet guests in the honourable fashion. If it is required to check a reservation, the greeter would simply step back to the podium momentarily.) 3. Return guests will be recognized as such and their preferences will be acknowledged and looked after (Recognition of loyal guests is key to establishing a well-regarded local clientele in a Chinese venue.) 4. We will seat guests thoughtfully for maximum comfort and privacy, and offer a choice of seats unless impossible; we will remain at the table until all guests are comfortably seated (An indicator of respect is to remain with the guests until they are comfortable rather than “dropping” them off and leaving. Also, in too many cases, the greeter makes a table choice with no compelling reason, where the guest may wish to sit elsewhere. Thoughtful strategy is still required to direct the guest, for example, directing families to tables where they will feel most comfortable, etc.) 5. When presenting menus, we will give helpful and enthusiastic introduction to the seasonal dishes, regional dishes or signature dishes (We want to immediately send a signal of confidence in our food, and the innovation of our chefs. And we want to encourage the guest to enjoy the full range of our best dishes.) 6. We will offer a special, separate tea menu with appealing descriptions, and when guests show interest or ask questions, our tea master will provide expert assistance (This will function similar to a sommelier in a western restaurant to elevate the authenticity of the experience and differentiate our restaurants.)

7. After guests are comfortably seated, we will promptly serve our signature blend of tea as a welcome refreshment

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