PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

Is Your Lender Your Partner? Jesse Passafiume shares how client-led, agent-centered mortgage solutions power better transactions

illustrates reliability and systematic processes. 4. Seek a lender partner who offers competitively low fees and/or lender credits without sacrificing high-quality service. Optimal mortgage partners curate and share the most relevant information, helping agents learn the financial component of the transaction to better assist buyers and sellers in achieving their preferred future. Passafiume stressed the importance of adapting to current conditions in real time. For example, many lenders currently recommend home buyers consider a 2-1 buy- down loan, which helps reduce interest rates for buyers in the short term to make home buying more financially appealing when interest rates are higher. Creative lending can help ease affordability concerns for many buyers in today’s market. “Lenders should always be teaching agents to leverage what is happening in today’s mortgage market to increase sales and success,” Passafiume said. Agents who receive a constant flow of knowledge from their lender partners, including training on the inner workings of mortgage finances and weekly market observations, can employ updated expert information and language when engaging new and existing clients. “The new normal requires you to pick a lender partner who provides a level of advice and expertise that makes you better,” Passafiume said. “Pick a partner who explains options to consumers and increases your credibility so that you earn referrals and repeat business. The most important question is ‘How will you select your lender partner to optimize your business?’”

Today’s market requires lender partnerships that provide more than contracts and loan options. The best partners support agents with high lead conversion, long-term lead management, and homebuying plans for clients. At its foundation, the partnership empowers agents, proactively positioning them as market experts at the center of the transaction while keeping clients updated on every element of the financing process. “Lenders who involve themselves in agents’ success will be considerate of that partnership throughout every decision related to workflow, processes, escalations, and economics,” said Jesse Passafiume, BKCO Mortgage president. “Lenders can optimize buyers’ purchase experience and improve the likelihood of successful transactions.” Passafiume noted optimal lender features that can make the purchase process uniquely effective, exceed client expectations, and encourage repeat referrals. Passafiume explains four programs make our featured lender purchase process uniquely effective, which consistently exceeds client expectations and encourages repeat referrals. 1. Look for a lender with a marketing platform designed to convert leads while keeping agents connected to every opportunity. 2. Find a lender available to provide a pre-approval within the first few days of beginning the home search process with a client so they are prepared to make an offer when the right property comes along. 3. Research your lender partner to ensure they have a consistent track record of closing transactions by or before the expected closing date. Timeliness in closing often


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