PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

TEAM DEVELOPMENT Building a High-Performing Team from the Bottom Up, in Three Steps Be selective, play to numbers, and top-grade your talent Dru Lee, Owner/Operator, Oklahoma City, OK, Forward Coaching Real Estate Coach

TEAM-BUILDING STEPS FOR SUCCESS 1. Determine the team you need to accomplish your business goals. 2. Add 30% to that number to account for normal attrition; remind yourself life happens, usually without a “save the date” note. 3. Plan out the next three years of growth to get an idea of the team you are building, along with the total number of people needed for the future. Organizational Behavioral Management theory teaches four fundamentals occur when a team moves from construction to achieving: • First, a team is formed. The leader determines where they are going and who is needed, then recruits to the organizational positions, thus forming the team.

When you focus on a new target, a goal, or desired outcome, what do you tend to ask yourself first? “What are my goals for the year?” “How will I get there?” “What obstacles might I run into on the way?” And my personal favorite, although admittedly, I am biased, “When is my next coaching call to go over all these questions in my head?” One question, however, supersedes the others when setting goals for building a business; that question starts with WHO… WHO, if you should add them to your roster, make the goal instantly more achievable? Over time in the real estate industry, the idea has grown that building a team should be its own goal. Why would you want to build a team? What do we need one for in the first place? We should focus instead on building a business so massive it requires a team dedicated to “Delivering the Dream of Homeownership Everywhere,” to as many people as the team can possibly support. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — African Proverb “If you want to go farther and faster, go with the right others.” — I’ll take credit for that one… BE SELECTIVE Building any team requires keeping every position filled with the right partners to help you win. If you have ever been involved with youth sports, you’ve watched the forming of a team. We’ve all witnessed teams picking players and filling every roster position rather than finding one team member at a time. Consider how your growth strategy might change if instead of hiring for one specific role at a time, pausing to train that person, measuring their performance, then resuming hiring, the leader recruits for every roster spot as quickly as possible. The bigger the vision, the further into the future the leader must consider who will be needed and how long it will take that partner to perform to standards.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — AFRICAN PROVERB


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