PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

The other thing teams need to focus on is core service partnerships so they are getting more revenue per client. Mortgage, settlement services, and insurance lines are the minimum. They also need to create and partner with home services – things that keep you in front of the consumer during homeownership such as security systems, contractors, weather protection products and services and anything a homeowner needs while they own their home. That way you are top of mind when it is time for the next transaction. Teams will have to either build these services themselves or partner with people to provide them. The advantage of partnership is that it unlocks economies of scale, ultimately generating higher quality support for lower cost. For example, the PLACE platform allows top-performing agents to leverage multiple built-in components – including lead generation, recruiting, training, legal, HR, accounting, and marketing support – so they can direct their focus to their customers. It is real-time change right now. As the market shifts and undulates, so must the real estate team. The goal is to grow and adapt fast. Sometimes it feels like whiplash. If it doesn’t feel that way, you probably aren’t doing it enough!

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Vija Williams


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