PLACE Magazine Inaugural Issue, December 2022

Ross Clawson Chief Administrative Officer

Suzanne Colvin Chief Financial Officer

Emiliano Delucia Chief Technology Officer

Abby Powell Chief Marketing Officer

David Wiggs President of PLACE Tech/Brivity

Vija Williams Head of Industry

Jillene Snell Head of Operations

Holly Priestner Head of Talent

Katie Benson Head of Growth

Ellen Curtis Head of Partnerships

Josiah Ubben Head of Design

John Powers Head of Productivity

Bob Stewart Head of Technology Implementation

Debbie De Grote Head of Coaching

Vic Stephens Head of Technology Talent

Jesse Passafiume President of PLACE Mortgage

Jared Hull Head of Product

Roberto Moreno Head of Artificial Intelligence

Mikey Farinha Head of Marketing

Savannah Dowe Head of Support


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