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The Cornwall & The Counties Arts and Cul- ture Council recently held its first official board meeting and elected its executive. Members of the new executive are: Chair Stephen Davies, Vice-Chair Sandra Vander Veer, Secretary Betty Healy and Treasurer Chuck Leclair. “This initial step signals an important move forward for the arts and culture coun- cil and its ability to serve the arts and cul- ture sector,” said Bruce Davis, culture devel- opment co-ordinator. “Electing an executive has given them structure and methodology and that’s im- portant for any organization that hopes to advance in a positive and productive way.” The council’s members can now begin to examine governance and bylaws required to keep them on course and moving forward. At motion was made at the recent meet- ing by the new board of directors to have the SDG Community Futures Development Corporation provide some basic templates as well as have the council itself provide some of their own suggestions and ideas of how best to enact governance and bylaws. “They have given us our first tasks as staff and that’s what this exercise is all about” said François Désormeaux, executive direc- tor of the SD&G CFDC,. This will be a collaborative exercise where input from the SD&G CFDC and the arts and culture council will be addressed and heard. “We just want to ensure they head in the right direction,” said Davis. The council plans on rolling up its sleeves and getting to work. “I don’t want to waste two months” Richard Salem, one of the di- rectors for the arts & culture council clearly stated at the board meeting, echoing the over all sentiment and urgency that there is much work to do and that the council should begin work as soon as possible. Council elects first executive Cornwall & The Counties Arts and Culture

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