CompTIAWorld Spring 2018

Picture this on a not-so-distant future Monday morning. Your alarm wakes you up and instantly your shower starts heating to your desired temperature. As you make your way into the bathroom your virtual assistant reads you the day’s top headlines. When you step out of the shower your coffee maker kicks on and starts making your morning latte. When you’re dressed and ready to go, you hop into your stylish autonomous car and it takes you straight to work as you go through your inbox. Sound like a scene from The Jetsons? Well, it’s a futuristic dream that’s quickly becoming a reality as new and evolving technologies like automation and artificial intelligence begin to creep into our everyday lives. Of course, we’ve been here before with the Industrial Revolution. And, as history repeats itself, so do our concerns. With the onset of this new technology becoming mainstream, what will happen to our jobs? Continued on page 48 .


SPRING 2018 | CompTIAWorld

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