Clean Crawls June 2017

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JUNE 2017


I’ve sometimes said pest control is in my DNA. Most people are surprised by this statement, considering Clean Crawls is a service company focused on cleaning out crawl spaces and attics. But this company was born as a result of a pest control company I owned back in the ’90s. We’d go into houses all over the Seattle area and beyond and take care of rodents, ants, and other pests. Oddly enough, we often found a similar scene when we checked the crawl spaces of different homes: pests had trashed everything. Insulation hung ragged, vapor barriers were ripped apart, and sometimes even the water pipes were chewed through. These messes sat just beneath families’ feet, and when it was really bad, you could see it doing a number on their health and happiness. There was nobody to deal with these problems, so we offered to clean out damaged insulation and deodorize the space so another company could come in and install new insulation. Customers would ask me why we couldn’t just take care of all the problems at once. Recognizing the need, I bit the bullet and started Clean Crawls specifically to help people with their crawl spaces. Shortly after, we expanded our focus to include attics. Our clients were asking us to help them at the top of their house as well as beneath it. It was easier for our customers if we became the company that took care of all their problems, instead of forcing customers to call two or three different companies to address each step. In the early 2000s, when Clean Crawls first started out, there weren’t many companies that could help people the way we were — probably because nobody wants to climb into a dark, dirty crawl space. I’ve never felt any reservations about going beneath a house. Before I got into pest control, I spent a number of years in the Marine Corps, and I did a lot of crawling around. It’s much easier to crawl under a house because I usually know exactly what I’m How Clean Crawls Aims to Answer Every Need PART OF MY DNA

going to find. Though, I did get caught off guard once when an otter chased me out of a crawl space in the middle of a job. I crawled faster than I ever had in my life, scrambling from one end of the crawl space to the exit as the otter nipped at my shoes the whole way. At the time, I was shocked, but it’s a funny story now. Recently, I brought pest control back under the umbrella of Clean Crawls — again, because it’s something our clients need. It feels like we’re coming full circle, and I get to bring all my knowledge and experience in pest control to what I know about insulation, weatherization, cleanup, and everything else I’ve learned over the years. When a customer gives us a call, we want to be the company that can take care of almost any dirty job and leave their home healthier and more secure than when we left it.

I guess you could say that’s in my DNA, too.

- Chuck Henrichsen



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