City Lights Jan.

January, 2020

DeSoto City Lights The City of DeSoto is thrilled to announce our parƟcipaƟon in the 2020 “It’s Time Texas Community Challenge” which will take place between January 6th and March 1st. This Community Challenge is a statewide compeƟƟon aimed at inspiring people, organizaƟons, and ciƟes across Texas to choose healthy acƟviƟes in support of a healthier community. The parƟcipaƟng communiƟes will work to encourage residents, businesses, and organizaƟons within their areas to sign up on behalf of that community so that they can collecƟvely accrue points for every healthy acƟon. AŌer eight weeks, the community that accumulates the most points in their size category will receive a cash prize that they can put toward a community health project. The iniƟal push to secure DeSoto’s parƟcipaƟon in the “It’s Time Texas Community Challenge” came from the DeSoto City Council which included the iniƟaƟve in their official business plan. On Thursday, December 5, 2019, Mayor CurƟstene S. McCowan signed the ITT’s “Mayor Pledge” formally commiƫng DeSoto to this statewide compeƟƟon. “Changing lifestyles and making healthier, more acƟve choices isn’t easy, but it’s a challenge that DeSoto is ready and willing to take on,” declared Mayor McCowan. “Commiƫng to a healthier 2020 is a goal that will benefit every single DeSoto resident and I want to encourage all to sign up and work with Team DeSoto to improve our collecƟve health and show our fellow Texans just how strong our community can be!” DESOTO JOINS “IT’S TIME TEXAS COMMUNITY CHALLENGE” Mayor Pledges City’s Commitment to 8‐Week Texas Wide Health Effort A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department

Here’s how DeSoto residents can get involved: • Make the Commitment: It’s free and easy to sign up at iƩ • Track Your AcƟviƟes: Submit your healthy acƟviƟes to earn points for your community and prizes for yourself • Share the Journey: Use #CommunityChallenge  to connect on social media and encourage others in our community to get involved ParƟcipaƟon is free and all DeSoto residents who sign up will earn 500 points for our community. DeSoto residents who are interested in registering

or who would like further informaƟon should use the following webpage as their starƟng point: hƩps://iƩ

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