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January, 2020

DeSoto City Lights The City of DeSoto is thrilled to announce our parƟcipaƟon in the 2020 “It’s Time Texas Community Challenge” which will take place between January 6th and March 1st. This Community Challenge is a statewide compeƟƟon aimed at inspiring people, organizaƟons, and ciƟes across Texas to choose healthy acƟviƟes in support of a healthier community. The parƟcipaƟng communiƟes will work to encourage residents, businesses, and organizaƟons within their areas to sign up on behalf of that community so that they can collecƟvely accrue points for every healthy acƟon. AŌer eight weeks, the community that accumulates the most points in their size category will receive a cash prize that they can put toward a community health project. The iniƟal push to secure DeSoto’s parƟcipaƟon in the “It’s Time Texas Community Challenge” came from the DeSoto City Council which included the iniƟaƟve in their official business plan. On Thursday, December 5, 2019, Mayor CurƟstene S. McCowan signed the ITT’s “Mayor Pledge” formally commiƫng DeSoto to this statewide compeƟƟon. “Changing lifestyles and making healthier, more acƟve choices isn’t easy, but it’s a challenge that DeSoto is ready and willing to take on,” declared Mayor McCowan. “Commiƫng to a healthier 2020 is a goal that will benefit every single DeSoto resident and I want to encourage all to sign up and work with Team DeSoto to improve our collecƟve health and show our fellow Texans just how strong our community can be!” DESOTO JOINS “IT’S TIME TEXAS COMMUNITY CHALLENGE” Mayor Pledges City’s Commitment to 8‐Week Texas Wide Health Effort A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department

Here’s how DeSoto residents can get involved: • Make the Commitment: It’s free and easy to sign up at iƩ • Track Your AcƟviƟes: Submit your healthy acƟviƟes to earn points for your community and prizes for yourself • Share the Journey: Use #CommunityChallenge  to connect on social media and encourage others in our community to get involved ParƟcipaƟon is free and all DeSoto residents who sign up will earn 500 points for our community. DeSoto residents who are interested in registering

or who would like further informaƟon should use the following webpage as their starƟng point: hƩps://iƩ

DESOTO WINS 4TH CONSECUTIVE DIGITAL CITIES AWARD Continued Tech Innovation Keeps DeSoto Among Tops Cities in the Nation by Matt Smith, Communications Manager The City of DeSoto has won its fourth consecuƟve Digital CiƟes Award from the Center for Digital Government (CDG) by placing in the top ten of all parƟcipaƟng US CiƟes with a populaƟon of fewer than 75,000. The California based Center for Digital Government (CDG) is considered to be America’s foremost expert when it comes to recognizing technological excellence by local governments and each year their Digital CiƟes Award singles out the best ciƟes in the USA for using technology in an innovaƟve manner to make government operaƟons run more efficiently. “I am absolutely thrilled to learn that the Center for Digital Government has awarded the City of DeSoto with a fourth straight Digital CiƟes Award for our innovaƟve use of technology to make government operaƟons run more effecƟvely and efficiently,” said DeSoto Mayor CurƟstene S. McCowan. “Receiving this coveted designaƟon for four consecuƟve years shows me that DeSoto has earned our place among the best in the naƟon and we will conƟnue to incorporate new technology and innovaƟon into our operaƟons so that we can conƟnue to be recognized as being among the best of the best!” 9th, CITY OF DESOTO, TEXAS   (via “DeSoto, Texas placing ninth in this year’s survey, has disƟnguished itself by conƟnuing to invest in innovaƟve soluƟons for court and law enforcement procedures, as well as conƟnuing its focus on improved cybersecurity. In parƟcular, the city has conƟnued to expand its innovaƟve “e‐court” video arraignment program, which allows defendants to communicate with the judge over video chat. This year, the court also began allowing the public to communicate with staff using Web chat and text to miƟgate issues, sign paperwork, ask quesƟons and set up payment plans. At the same Ɵme, the city has also expanded various IT iniƟaƟves to aid local police ‐ including installaƟon of facial recogniƟon technology in the jail, with an aƩached cloud‐ based shared database. Upgrades to cruiser dash cams were made that allow for more efficient video uploads and searches, as well as longer retenƟon. The city also recently joined the Amazon Ring network, a digital doorbell and neighborhood watch app that connects residents with police for local noƟficaƟons and alerts. AddiƟonally, the city made significant efforts this year to bolster its cybersecurity posture, hiring a new network security administrator who will be responsible for internal security. At the direcƟon of the administrator, the city also hired a third‐party vendor to help expand the exisƟng employee security training program, including the inclusion of a phishing campaign assessment. The city has also adopted a vulnerability scanning tool that will be a consistent feature of its vulnerability management program. Looking to the future, the city also hopes to improve staff idenƟty management through the purchase of a mulƟ‐factor authenƟcaƟon feature and is in the process of developing a cyberincident response plan.” Specifically, here is what Digital CiƟes has to say about DeSoto’s 2019 recogniƟon:

City Calendar


16 DEDC Board Mtg. ‐ City Hall 9 am 16 Veterans Affairs. Mtg. City Hall ‐6:30pm 17 City Council Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 7 pm 24 Planning & Zoning Mtg. ‐ Canceled 24 City offices closed ‐ Christmas Eve 25 City offices closed ‐ Christmas Day 27 4th Friday Concert‐Corner Theatre ‐8pm 1 City offices closed—New Year’s Day 6 Arts Commission Mtg. ‐ Civic Ctr. ‐ 6pm 6 Park Board Mtg. ‐ Civic Ctr. 6:30 pm 7 City Council Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 7 pm 9 Historical FoundaƟon Mtg. ‐ 6 pm 9 KDB Mtg. Civic Ctr. ‐ 6:30 pm 9 Library Board Mtg. Library ‐ 7 pm 14 Planning & Zoning Mtg. ‐City Hall ‐7 pm 18 Veterans Benefit Fair ‐ Library 10a –1pm 20 City Offices closed ‐ MLK Holiday 21 City Council Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 7 pm 24 4th Friday Concert‐Corner Theatre ‐8pm 27 DEDC Board Mtg. ‐ City Hall ‐ 9 am Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are two of the five holidays observed by the City of DeSoto's solid waste contractor, Republic Waste. There will be no trash service on these holidays. On a holiday, regular service shiŌs by one day. For example there will be no trash service on Christmas Day, December 25th. Regular recycling will be collected on Thursday, December 26th, Thursday collecƟons will move to Friday, December 27th, and Friday’s trash service shiŌs to Saturday, December 28th. Similarly, there will be no trash service on Wednesday January 1st in observance of New Year’s Day moving regular recycling collecƟon to Thursday, January 2nd and Thursday collecƟons to Friday, January 3rd. Regular Friday collecƟons will be made on Saturday January 4th and the normal cycle resumes on Monday, January 6, 2020. January Holiday Trash Schedule

About the Center for Digital Government: The Center for Digital Government is a naƟonal research and advisory insƟtute focused on informaƟon technology policies and best pracƟces in state and local government. CDG is a division of e.Republic, the naƟon’s only media and research

company focused exclusively on state and local government and educaƟon. To learn more visit their website at hƩps://


The City of DeSoto will hold a Regular ElecƟon on Saturday, May 2, 2020. The following places will be voted on in this elecƟon: Important Information Regarding the 2020 Municipal Election DeSoto residents who are interested in filing for one of these city council seats must live within the bounds of the district to be eligible. However, all candidates are elected at large. Candidate Filing InformaƟon Packets can be requested by sending an email to the City Secretary at Please include your name, address, email address and contact phone number. Packets can also be picked up in the City Secretary’s office during regular business hours beginning January 6, 2020. Filing for a place on the ballot will take place from January 15, 2020 through February 14, 2020 between the hours of 9 am and 12 noon and from 1 pm to 4 pm in the City Secretary’s office. On February 14, 2020, the office will close promptly at 5 pm and no filing will be accepted aŌer that Ɵme. Please visit the City of DeSoto website at for updates on the municipal elecƟon. Councilmember Place 2 Councilmember Place 4

What Can Residents Do To Prevent StormWater Pollution? We can all work together to reduce and prevent storm water polluƟon. Some acƟviƟes are federal government responsibiliƟes. Others are best handled by your community, such by developing zoning or erosion control ordinances. Individual residents can also play an important role by changing certain everyday habits. For example:  Select naƟve and adapted plants for your landscape. These plants require less water, ferƟlizer, and pesƟcides to thrive, making your yard a Texas SmartScape.  Apply lawn and garden chemicals sparingly and according to direcƟons. Never apply lawn chemicals before a rain event.  Keep liƩer, pet wastes, leaves, grass clippings and debris out of street guƩers and storm drains. Never blow grass clippings into the storm drain. Outlets blocked by excessive debris, such as leaves and grass clippings, could lead to street flooding. Compost or mulch lawn debris instead.  Dispose of used motor oil, anƟfreeze, paints, and other household chemicals properly, not in storm drains. The City of DeSoto parƟcipates in the Dallas County Household Hazardous Waste Program and DeSoto residents are encouraged to contact the Home Chemical CollecƟon Center at 214.553.1765 for informaƟon on proper disposal of household chemicals.  Deck the halls, not the creeks. By recycling liƩer and disposing of trash properly, you can help keep it out of the waterways.  Clean up spilled brake fluid, oil, grease and anƟfreeze. Do not hose them into the street where they go down storm drains and can eventually reach local streams and lakes.  Control soil erosion on your property. Plant ground cover and stabilize erosion‐ prone areas. This can be done by using mulch for soil stabilizaƟon.  Wash your car at a commercial car wash facility. Washing cars on driveways or streets will result in the cleaning products flowing directly into the storm drain and into a nearby stream, lake, or river. Washing your car on your lawn allows the soil to remove some of the pollutants. Using a commercial car wash facility will ensure that the water and pollutants go to a water treatment facility before entering local water bodies. Learn to recognize what types of discharges to the storm drain system are allowed and those that are not allowed. Report any signs of illegal discharge to your municipal storm water management service by calling 972.230.9600.

A Message from DeSoto’s Veterans Affairs Committee: The DeSoto Veteran Affairs

CommiƩee would like to offer their thanks to the following local businesses who have agreed to parƟcipate in the Veteran Friendly Business Program by offering all Veterans a special discount for their patronage: Acapulco’s Restaurant American Trophies Big Al’s Cellular Repair Edylicious Crystal Cleaners Friend’s Place

The DeSoto Veterans Affairs CommiƩee and DeSoto Public Library are partnering with North Texas VA Outreach Services to bring VA representaƟves to DeSoto on a monthly basis. If you need help with applying for benefits, have been denied benefits or just have quesƟons, please come to the DeSoto Public Library on Saturday, January 18, 2020 between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm to receive answers. Appointments are not necessary but to avoid a lengthy wait, please call 972.230.9648 to request a specific appointment Ɵme. Thank you for your service.

Ovilla NutriƟon Mother’s Basket

For more informaƟon on the Veteran Friendly Business Program, call 972.230.9648.


Live Christmas Tree Recycling

The City’s solid waste contractor, Republic Waste, will be collecƟng live Christmas trees for recycling on January 3rd and 4th and on January 9th and

J anuary    24th  8 PM 4th 

Cosponsor C osmo U niversal A rt  unnecessary headaches for everyone. When FOG is poured down the drain it can cause blockages in household plumbing and public wastewater systems. Therefore, please dispose of FOG properly by puƫng them in the garbage and not down your household drains. And the best way to prevent plumbing headaches year‐round is to properly dispose of cooled FOG by placing them in disposable containers and puƫng those containers in the trash. Another Ɵp to reduce the possibility of blockages is to scrape solid food waste (leŌ behind from cooking with FOG) into the trash. Even the smallest amount of FOG builds up over Ɵme and can create wastewater backups into homes and causing sanitary sewer overflows in the community. Some examples of FOG are cooking oil, salad dressing, gravy, meats, buƩer, cheese, soups, broth, bacon residue, etc. For more informaƟon on prevenƟng blockages caused by FOG, please visit hƩp:// Sewer‐Backups . By taking the extra step of properly disposing of FOG in the trash, customers can protect their homes, their wallets, and our environment. Properly Dispose of Fats, Oils And Grease From Cooking The Department of Public UƟliƟes would like to remind customers to properly dispose of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from cooking to prevent DeSoto Town Center Plaza  211 E. Pleasant Run Road  10th. Place your tree on the curb in front of your home for recycling. Trees placed in the alley will go the landfill. Be sure to remove all decoraƟons and lights for recycling. Trees with flocking or arƟficial trees cannot be recycled. Place them with your regular trash for pick up. If you have any quesƟons regarding your trash service or tree pickup, please call the City of DeSoto AcƟon Center at 972.230.9600.

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