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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to help people. Over the years, that desire took on different forms and manifested itself in different passions. From childhood dreams of being a scientist to the realization that made me who I am today, my innate desire to give back to the community and the people around me has remained a constant motivator in my life. After 23 years in the industry, I believe I have achieved my dreams. There’s something to be said about going to work every day and loving what you do. Those countless hours spent studying and learning my trade, followed by the years spent perfecting it, have all been worth it to go to work every day and leave with confidence that I made a difference. The way I see it, my desire to help others is never going to go away. My passion for PT wasn’t always set in stone, though. Growing up in southeastern Montana, I spent my days surrounded by all the gifts this great state has to offer. When we weren’t messing around outdoors, we were tending to the animals or trying to get ahead in 4-H and FFA programs. It was a simple way of life that I don’t think I’ll ever really put

behind me. When I was around 12 years old, an accident left my right leg severely fractured. Going to physical therapy for that injury was the first time I witnessed what PT could do for a person. After seeing what the therapists were able to do, I set my eyes on a career in medicine. That experience left me with a desire to pass on the gift my therapists gave me. After I graduated, I spent the next eight years working for the Benefis Health System, and it was there that I eventually met the two co-owners that made Advanced Practice PT possible. By spending so many years under one medical system, I was able to try my hand at virtually every type of physical therapy, ultimately realizing that my true passion fell in the realm of outpatient programs. With this realization in mind, I was moved around to various other practices, each one giving me a unique look at what PT could offer people. From a small hospital in Fort Benton to teaching students, my lust for knowledge was met with the willingness of my patients to work hard for their goals. That led to me opening up my own practice in Great Falls, which I ran until the pieces fell

into place that allowed us to open up the practice we run today.

The first few months of our partnership were marked by frenzied excitement. Within 90 days of pitching our ideas for the new practice, our doors were opened for business. It didn’t take long to find our groove. Since then, we have been happy to serve our neck of the woods with the highest quality of care that modern medicine allows. We’ve never let our personal fires burn out; we have supported each other and jumped at the chance to learn something new every day. Now we’d like to pass our passions on to you. To learn more about the types of rehabilitation treatments we offer here at Advanced Practice PT, and to learn more about upcoming seminars we’re going to offer, feel

"My innate desire to give back to the community and the people around me has remained a constant motivator in my life."

free to call us at 406-770-3171 or visit our website anytime at

We look forward to walking with you every step of the way.

–Andrea Johnson

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