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In preparing this month’s newsletter cover article, I ditched what I had originally planned and opted instead to focus on the topic of the day — the coronavirus pandemic. I was very hesitant to do this — to the point of fighting with myself. I was reluctant because I am sick and tired of reading content about the coronavirus. But I ended up giving in to offer you my personal perspective on how this entire situation presents you with opportunities to better yourself. So with that in mind, here are my top five tips for surviving the coronavirus. Establish new routines. Working from home, dining in as opposed to out, not traveling, not preparing school lunches, and meeting virtually through Zoom are just a few of the ways our normal routines have been altered. For me, it took at least a couple of weeks to adjust. In some ways, I responded surprisingly well. In other ways, I did not. Thanks in large part to a lawyer time management program I happen to be going through right now, I finally said, “Enough is enough.”

clean and start fresh with new routines. Think hard about your “perfect day” and what it would look like. Then, put your routine down on paper and live by it. Do not be a rudderless boat floating through the coronavirus days with no direction. Tend to the neglected corners of your life. When you think about how you use your time, I also encourage you to build activities into your routine that promote your values, passions, talents, and life purpose. Whether it is an unfinished home project, a dormant hobby, a nagging disappointment in your commitment to physical fitness, or a book you have been meaning to read, we all have neglected areas of our life. Do not be so hard on yourself. These neglected areas have not been lost. They just got kicked to the end of the line by the rat race we were living. But now you have a great opportunity to breathe life into them

again. Think of those times when you have said what you would do if you just had the time to do it. You now have some more time and are establishing new routines. Commit to tackling some of these issues now and make the most of an unfortunate situation. Place spring

flowers on a family member’s gravesite. One place you can

go where social distancing is the

norm is a cemetery, a forgotten place we modern folks do not

I recommitted to meticulously planning my days with purpose. This has resulted in a new routine for me that is paying dividends. I have more energy, and I do not go to bed at night feeling like I wasted any time. In fact, I would go so far as to say I am more productive than before the coronavirus lockdown. I encourage you to wipe the slate

frequent as much as our forebears. Use this time to visit a cemetery where a loved one is buried. Stand there quietly, close your eyes, and meditate. While you do, focus on your loved one’s life and memory. Think about the impact they had on you. You will swallow hard and cry. But I promise you will also be

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