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Section 2- Innovations & Management Excellence NEW! Instructions: Each division in this section requires a form

Supporting documentation: Should illustrate the project. Photographs, media reports, charts, hand-outs and written testimonials are examples of acceptable forms of supporting documentation.

Division 13: New Exhibits - Competition - Creativity, participation, ease of execution.

Division 14: New Event, Exhibit or Program - Appeal, creativity, success of the program.

Division 15: New Children’s Program - Appeal to children, overall value, overall success.

Division 16: New Wellness Program - Innovation, adaptability to other fairs/events, net results.

Division 17: New Sponsorship - Creativity, overall value to fair and sponsor, execution at fair and off site.

Division 18: New Innovative Use of Technology - How has a new technology helped your fair? This can include a marketing effort or a way to increase efficiency.

Division 19: New Community Outreach Program - This division will be judged DANISH. Describe a successful fair funded program or event that benefited the community or encouraged community support of the fair. Division 20: Volunteers - Tell us how you use them, how you recruit and reward them, how you train them, etc. We want to hear about a successful way or ways you incorporate volunteers into your fair. Division 21: Interim Events - Tell us about a successful event held at your fairgrounds. This can include an event sponsored by the fair or an interim event that was beneficial to the fairgrounds. Include information on why it was successful, how it was marketed, and what the benefits were to the fairgrounds and/or community. Division 22 : Event within an Event - Describe a special event held within your fair that generated results. This can be an event free with fair admission such as a themed day, special festival, etc or an event that required an additional admission ticket. Describe the event and how it benefitted the fair.

Division 23: Non-Profits - Tell us about a successful collaboration, project, program etc. with your own non-profit or a non-profit benefiting the fairgrounds.

Division 24: Crisis Management - Tell us about a “crisis” (may be good or bad) facing your fair this year and how staff handled it. This Division will be judged DANISH.

Division 25: Inspiring Collaborations - Tell us about an important collaboration with an outside entity, non-profit, corporation, organization, etc. that produced results.

Division 26: Guest Services - What new thing did your fair do to increase guest comfort or provide improved or added customer service?

Division 27: Agricultural Programming - Tell us about a unique program your Fair did in the area of agriculture education, livestock programs, consumer awareness or any of the above. Explain how the program was planned and executed, what partners may have been involved and what the outcome or results were.

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